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Kildare County Council's Dance Development Programme centres on the exploration of contemporary dance and the provision of community dance training.  Since 1998 the extensive programme has included a dance residency, accredited training, and the establishment of Kildare Dance Summer School. In partnership with The Arts Council, The Laban Guild and other stakeholders, the Arts Service continues to support dancers and provide professional development opportunities through initiatives such as the Dance Bursary Award and Laban Guild Dance Leaders Course.


Dance Summer School 2016

The programme for the Kildare Dance Summer School 2016 has now launched. This year we have developed a dedicated website for the summer school, which includes all of the information you will need; from workshop information, tutor profiles, how to get there, timetables and booking. Bookings will also be exclusively online this year.
The link to the Dance Summer School website and the link for bookings are below.  
The link to the Summer School website: 2016 Kildare Dance & Movement Summer School
To pay for the 2016 Kildare Dance & Movement Summer School click here
Dance Unlimited 2018

Dance Unlimited 2018

Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2018 16:31:00 GMT