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Film commission 2014 - Application form for STAGE 1


Under the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government Per Cent for Art scheme for Castlewarden to Ballygoran, Kildare County Council wishes to commission a series of original films to be made in North County Kildare.  

Commission Context

In '(Continue to) Make Inroads : An Arts Development Plan for Kildare Local Authorities 2012-2016, http://www.kildare.ie/artsservice/policiesandpublications/  the Arts Service identified five key ways of working with the arts community through its arts programmes - to curate, mentor, broker, respond and inspire  Having identified a need for training and professional development of local film makers, the Arts Service has developed a number of initiatives in recent years

* The establishment of the Film Bursary Award, an annual grant aid opportunity for filmmakers from Kildare

* A Film Lab and 'How to get your short film funded' seminars

* 'Maynooth Film for All' film club, in association with NUI, Maynooth features talks with guest directors, writers, etc

* 'Maynooth Experimental' launched by Maynooth Film for All, on Culture Night, Sept 2014, to promote experimental short film.

* Support for Athy and Naas Film clubs and the film club in Riverbank Arts Centre

* 'Create your own film' course for young people, introducing them to script writing, directing, camera and sound operation, lighting, acting for camera and set design.

* Final Cut Pro training - The Platform4 Digital Media Studio, Leixlip offers accredited and non-accredited Apple training in Final Cut Pro.

* 'All About Eva' was commissioned through the Per Cent for Art scheme for the Srowlands/Barrow Extraction scheme.  This feature film was shot on location in Athy in May 2014.  Directed by Ferdia Mac Anna and produced by Kildare County Council, the film was written by local writers and featured local cast and crew.  Following a Cast & Crew launch in September 2104, the film will be submitted for national and international film festivals.


* Grant aid and supports were provided for a number of film projects for local film makers including …

 'Horsepower' artist film by visual artist John O'Connell

'Here I am World' Commissioned by Kildare County Council this film explores the work of          Rudolph Laban, artist, choreographer and theorist.  Directed by Helena Doyle, produced by:           Eoghan Doyle, Kildare County Council, Film Mentor: Peter Kelly   

'The End of the Counter',short film  Written and directed by Laura Mc-Gann and           produced by Ailsing Ahmed

'Billy and Chuck' short film   It was written and directed by Lee Cronin and produced by John Keville.

'Ghost Train' short film.  Written and directed by Lee Cronin and produced by John Keville         and Ulla Simonen. 

Roller Derby documentary,Directed by Laura Mc Gann   (due for completion 2014)

 ‘In Ribbons’ short film.Written by Caroline Farrell and directed by Marie-Valerie Jeantelot. 

Film Commission Specification

Kildare County Council wishes to further develop its support for film production in the county, by commissioning four original films to be shot in North County Kildare.

Under this commission scheme, two awards of €10,000 and two awards of €18,000 will be made.  The awards will be made towards the cost of the film production

Short film, feature film, documentary, animation, experimental and artist films will all be considered

Applications are invited for original script ideas from filmmakers at all stages of their development.


  • Complete an application form and return with …
  • CV's of the lead creative team (Producer, Director, Writer or other members of the team that the applicants wish to include)
  • three hard copies of the script/treatment
  • a one page synopsis and
  • visual support material. 

** Note.  The visual support material should give us a sense of your project and may include images (A4 only, max 6 sheets), a trailer, a video link, interviews, a storyboard, scrapbook, etc.  Please keep all video material below 3 minutes in duration and send to us in a password protected Vimeo link.

More than one submission can be made by an applicant, but each submission must have a separate application form.

Short listing of applications may take place.  Short listing will be based on

  • the quality and originality of the script idea
  • the collective track record and skills of the leading creative team
  • the methodology and ability to deliver a film project


Applicants who are shortlisted will be invited to attend for interview.  It is expected that a presentation will be made to …

  • introduce the lead creative team (Producer, Director, Writer or other members of the team that the applicants would like to attend)
  • provide a detailed project proposal, with time schedule
  • discuss their ideas for making a film
  • discuss how their proposal will consider North Co Kildare as a film location and if/how local cast and crew may be involved
  • demonstrate budget clarity and deliverability.  The budget presented must include all aspects of the film making process.  If additional funding has been secured, evidence of this should be provided.
  • discuss health and safety, insurances, copyright, etc

STAGE TWO Assessment Criteria

A series of qualitative award criteria are set out below. Marks are allocated for each of the award criteria. Applicants must provide information in response to all award criteria

  • The originality and creativity of the proposal (55%)
  •  The ability to deliver the proposal with resources available (25%)
  • The consideration of North Co Kildare as a film location (10%)
  • The consideration of the inclusion of Kildare based cast and crew, including opportunities for shadowing, training or mentoring of cast and crew (10%)

Supports offered by Kildare County Council

(By advance agreement, production supports may be provided)

  • Administrative support
  • Assistance to source locations for filming
  • Assistance with sourcing technical crew and casting
  • Promotion and publicity including coordinating a local launch event
  • Post production facilities offered in Platform4 Digital  Media Studio



  • Under this commission scheme two awards of (A) €10,000 and two awards of (B) € 18,000 will be made
  • Those tendering for the commission must submit a clearly laid out outline budget, stating whether they are applying for (A) or (B).

Time Schedule

The intended timeframe for the competition is as follows:

Submission deadline:

STAGE 1       Application form should be submitted no later than 10am, Monday 6th  October 2014.

STAGE 2       Interviews will take place on the 21st/22nd October 2014 in Newbridge,  Co Kildare

Successful candidates will be advised by Tuesday 28th October. 

It is envisaged that the filming will be completed by September 2015

Completed application forms for Stage 1 should be marked                                                'Film Commission' and must be submitted to the

Arts Service, Kildare County Council, Riverbank, Main Street, Newbridge, Co Kildare

** Please note that there is no letter box in the building, so please ensure the building is open to the public, should you wish to hand deliver your application form.

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