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Maynooth Film for All : PRIDE Wednesday 1st of April

Maynooth Film For All: Film Club 2014 | 2015 and MAYNOOTH_EXPERIMENTAL


Next Wednesday 1st April we're screening the hugely entertaining crowd pleaser PRIDE at8.00pm in the IontasTheatreNorthCampusMaynoothUniversity. Come early for the short from Maynooth_Experimental



It’s the summer of 1984 – Margaret Thatcher is in power and the National Union of  Mineworkers (NUM) is on strike. At the Gay Pride March in London, a group of gay  and lesbian activists decides to raise money to support the families of the striking miners, and later sets off in a mini bus headed for a mining village in deepest Wales

to make their donation in person. And so begins the extraordinary story of two seemingly alien communities who form a surprising and ultimately triumphant partnership.  

Director’s Fortnight Closing Film, Cannes Film Festival 2014


''Social history doesn’t get more fun than this - 5 Stars''

Tara Brady Irish Times


''One of the most irresistibly uplifting films of the year - for any audience''

Mark Kermode Observer


''A clear winner that makes you laugh, cry, and generally want to party and parade like it's 1984. Respect.''

Empire Magazine


Admission: €6.00, €4.00 concessions. FREE admission for students. Tkts on sale from 7.30pm

Parking: Parking is free! Paid parking is not enforced on the campus in the evenings.

All features will be preceded by a short film from Maynooth_Experimental at 7.45pm approx



 CONTACT: Brenda T: 045 448328 E: bbrady@kildarecoco.ie with any queries / questions OR if you need more detailed directions

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