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No Vacancy - Gloria Gaghan. Read by Ingrid Craigie

Gloria Gaghan 

My surname is a corruption of the original 'Geoghegan', which my father

always assumed US Immigration wasn't able to cope with. (It's pronoumced the

same way.) Dad was a journalist.  When he looked at my adolescent writing,

he said,  "Kid, if you can pound a typewriter, you can make a buck."


This has proved true, to a very limited extent.  I spent about 12 years as

Dublin correspondent (95% theatre reviews) for *The Stage*, 14 years writing

a cookery column for *The Messenger*, and have fielded numerous short

stories and articles to various magazines over the years.  I've also done a

bit of radio work for RTE.


I have an Honors degree from TCD and live with my husband in a very

unromantic cottage near Sallins, Co. Kildare.  We have over an acre of what

we try to pass off as a wildlife garden around us‑‑well, the birds and bugs

seem happy.


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