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Environment Contacts:


045 980588

045 980587

Litter hotline

1850 243 143


Burial grounds

Kildare County Council has responsibility for 32 active cemeteries and 33 closed cemeteries. There are permanent caretakers in Athy, Celbridge, Leixlip, Naas and Newbridge and part-time caretakers in the other 27. No burial or works should take place in a cemetery without the permission of the caretaker or council. the caretaker holds the records and maps and these can be viewed by appointment. Older records may be held at either the environment section (045 980588) or library section (045 448351).

Burials will not be facilitated on Sundays in Athy, Celbridge, Leixlip, Naas or Newbridge. They may be facilitated in other cemeteries but only with the consent of the caretaker.

Burial plots can not be pre-purchased. Applications for burial plots in a particular cemetery will only be granted to residents or a person with established links to that area. A single plot will generally facilitate three interments and double plots will facilitate six interments.

Columbarium walls for ashes are available in Naas, Maynooth and Churchtown. Ash plots are also available in Barrettstown, Newbridge, Leixlip and Derrinturn. The council will arrange the inscription on the plaque.

Burial grounds regulation

Kildare County Council (Cemeteries) Byelaws, 2018 came into force on the 1st March 2019. These regulate issues such as burial plots, interments, columbarium walls, headstones, exhumations, registrations, seating, purchase of burial right, lawn cemeteries, planting, national monuments, carrying out works, etc. A fixed payment in respect of a contravention of a bye-law may be imposed.

Application for burial  

The funeral director or family should complete an application form in respect of all interments and submit it to the caretaker, who will assist in identifying an existing family plot or available new plot, as required. the details on this form will be entered in the cemetery register.

Conditions for ash plot

See the conditions attached below.


please see schedule of fees.

Please note that VAT is charged to all interments.

VAT also applies to some of our newer cemeteries/extensions- Ballybrack, Celbridge, Churchtown, Derrinturn, Moone and Newbridge.

Fees can be paid, by cheque, to the cemetery caretaker and can also be paid to the council - environment section 045 980588.


Application for headstone

The stonemason or family should complete an application form in respect of headstone or other permanent structure and should submit it to the environment section: environcemeteries@kildarecoco.ie .

There is no fee for this application and the form is available HERE.


Exhumation licence

Kildare County Council administers exhumation licences (removal of remains). An application form available HERE should be submitted to the environment section: environcemeteries@kildarecoco.ie .


Maintenance grants

Kildare County Council provides maintenance grants for voluntary groups who undertake work of a clean up/maintenance nature. The application form and conditions are set out at the beginning of each year.


List of cemetery caretakers

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Conditions for ash plot purchase

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Map of cemeteries with coordinates

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Cemeteries Byelaws 2018

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Fees for cemeteries

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