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Search for Missing Person - October 2012

Kildare Civil Defence were requested to assist in a search for a missing 18 year old man on Tuesday 23rd October 2012.  Kildare Civil Defence met with the Gardai & Wicklow & Dublin Mountain Rescue in the Community Hall in Kilteel which became our base for the week and formulated a search plan. Once a plan had been formulated for the rest of the day 15 Volunteers commenced the search with the Gardai and about 70 civilian searchers. Kilteel itself borders the Counties Dublin and Wicklow.    

The weather for the search was not ideal for the first few days of the search as there was a heavy fog / mist over the area of Kilteel .  Kildare Civil Defence acquired Hi Viz Jackets from the Road Safety Officer in Kildare County Council for the Civilian Searchers as it was not safe for them to search without them.  The terrain in the Kilteel Area was very rough in some parts.  There was a number of farms fields, forestries and outbuildings & quarries to be searched.  Each morning there was a meeting with Gardai and Kildare Civil Defence in relation to search areas to be conducted on the day.

On Wednesday 24th October there were 45 Civil Defence Volunteers including a team from Dublin, Laois & Kilkenny as well as our own team from Kildare.  The Wicklow & Dublin Mountain Rescue had a team of 20 on the day and they mixed with Kildare Civil Defence , Gardai and the civilian searchers. 

On Thursday 25th and Friday 26th October Kildare Civil Defence with 20 volunteers on each day continued the search with approx. 50 Civilian Searchers and Gardai.

It was agreed on the Wednesday that a bigger operation would be required for Saturday if there was no further news.  Kildare requested assistance from Dublin, Meath, Kilkenny, Laois, Waterford City, Wicklow.

On Saturday 27th October a total of 107 Civil Defence Volunteers, 60 Wicklow & Dublin Mountain Rescue, 145 Civilians and a number of Gardai assisted in the Search including the Civil Defence K9 Search Dogs from Meath and Laois. This search finished at 17.00hrs.  Following a meeting with the Gardai and Mountain Rescue that evening it was agreed that all surrounding areas had been exhausted and that the Kildare Civil Defence would be called in if there was any new information.  

The Kilteel Community provided much of the welfare for all participants for the duration of the search except on Saturday when Kildare Civil Defence provided the Catering Unit with Crew for the provision of hot food on the day.