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Civil Defence nationally operates two independent radio communication systems in support of its various activities and operations.

A V.H.F. ( Very High Frequency ) system provides wide-area radio coverage.  This national system incorporates a netwrok of radio base stations and hill top radio repeater sites.

The second is U.H.F ( Ulta High Frequency ) system that is used primarily for on-site radio communications.  This provides local radio coverage at incident sites and local areas of operation using U.H.F. mobile radios, fitted to vehicles and hand portable radios.

Civil Defence also operates Marine V.H.F. handportable radios in support of its boating activities which enables radio communications between the boat crews and other agencies such as the R.N.L.I, the Coast Guard and the various coastal and harbour radio stations.

Training is provided for all aspects of radio operations including the use of proper Radio Procedures which are all recognised standard international procedures.  Training is also provided in the familiarisation and correct use of all items of radio equipment operated by Civil Defence.