Exercise Classes for all the Family – Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Professional boxer Eric Donovan is giving three free work out classes every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 4:00pm for Kildare Sports Partnership (KSP). The videos are live streamed by Eric and shared across all KSP social platforms and saved on Eric's YouTube channel to be accessed at any time. This programme is aimed at children, teenagers & adults and it can be done in your home with minimal equipment.

Inclusive Exercise Classes for Older People & People with Limited Mobility – Every Tuesday & Thursday

KSP tutor Gita Ram is providing free exercise classes which are streamed through KSP's Facebook Page on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:00am. Gita's classes are fully inclusive and have been widely accessed by older adults and groups with limited mobility. Gita's classes are available on Kildare Sports Partnership's Facebook Page and YouTube Channel and can be done in the home with minimal equipment.

Adapted Physical Activity Booklet/Poster for Older People

Kildare Sports Partnership have produced a Booklet and Poster showing various adapted exercises for Older People, who are currently in Self Isolation and who do not have access to our online platforms. We will be distributing this resource through the local newspapers as well as our contacts in the Age Friendly Alliance and Active Retirement and Community Groups. 

Kildare Sports Partnership Booklet - Click Here

Printed copies are available also, if someone would like to request one they should email ksp@kildarecoco.ie and we will arrange postage.

Physical Literacy Animated Video

In partnership with Healthy Ireland, KSP are currently developing an animated video about the importance of life long physical literacy. The video will demonstrate the benefits of being physically active for persons of all capabilities and ethnicities and will be showcased across all KSP social media platforms.

Biodiversity Surveys

Parks department are promoting active involvement by the citizens of Kildare to undertake Citizen Science Monitoring Surveys to give base line data on our 21 pilot sites while observing social distancing and etiquettes.  Where people cannot access a pilot site within 2km of their home surveys can be undertaken in their gardens or while out on walks.

  1. https://pollinators.ie/record-pollinators/fit-count/ people can undertake Flower–Insect Timed Count (Fit Count). The link explains ‘how to do’ and where to record the data.
  2. Enter Pollinator Friendly sites – many people have pollinator friendly sites on their own property and in their local area and it might be a good time to encourage them to record same.   Mapping system is available a https://pollinators.biodiversityireland.ie/
  3. People can also log their pollinator friendly practices in their gardens https://pollinators.ie/gardens/ again they can record the items and map the location.  This can be as small as a window box to a complete garden.

In each case the user can view a video showing how to complete the tasks. 

Kildare Libraries

Yoga suitable for families, aiming to give them the tools to cope with everyday challenges as well as exceptional ones, in a fun and engaging way.

Chair Gym sessions for people of all ability levels with exercises that can be done using bodyweight and household objects.

Let's Play Ireland

Let’s Play Ireland is a whole of Government campaign to highlight the importance of play for children, particularly in the challenging time and to provide information and resources for families to support their children’s play. https://www.gov.ie/en/campaigns/lets-play-ireland/