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Áras Chill Dara,

             Páirc Devoy,

                  An Nás,

                             25 Márta 2008.









A Bhaill Uile,

Tionólfar cruinniú míosúil de’n Chomhairle Chondae ar 2.00 tráthnóna dé Luain, an 31 Márta 2008, i seomra na Chomhairle, Áras Chill Dara, Páirc Devoy, An Nás, agus iarrtar ort bheith i láthair.



The monthly meeting of the Council will be held at 2.00p.m. on Monday, 31 March 2008 in the Council Chamber, Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas, and you are invited to attend.



Le gach dea ghuí,



A.C. Talbot                                                                            

Meetings Administrator.









1.      Chun miontuariscí 25 Feabhra 2008 a ghlacadh agus tuarisc ar dul chun cinn a thabhairt

      faoi ndeara.

      To adopt minutes of monthly council meeting of 25 February 2008 and special council

      meeting of 25 February 2008 and to note progress report.

      (copies enclosed)


2.   To note minutes of committee meeting.

      Athy area – 21 January 2008          

      Clane area – 12 February 2008

      Celbridge area – 8 February 2008

      Kildare area – 6 February 2008   

      Leixlip area – 17 January 2008

      Naas area – 15 January and 19 February 2008

      (copies enclosed)




  Gnó Reachtúil

        (Statutory Business)



3.   To approve disposal of the following lands at:

(a)   0.0211 ha. at Glendale Meadows, Leixlip.

(b)   0.044 ha. at Glendale Meadows, Leixlip.

(Statutory notices already circulated)


4.   To consider taking in charge of;

(a) Callenders Mill, Celbridge.

           (report enclosed)


5.   To fill vacancies in the membership of the following committees:

(a) Economic Planning and Development Strategic Policy Committee.

(b)   Housing and Social Inclusion Strategic Planning Committee.

     (Correspondence enclosed)




6.   To fill committee vacancies and to appoint representatives to external bodies as follows:

(a)   Kildare Twinning Committee

(b)   Burrin Drainage Committee

(c)   Protocol Committee

(d)   Local Rural Water Monitoring Committee

(e)   Finance Committee

(f)     Eastern River Basin District Advisory Council

(g)   Kildare Enterprise Board


7.   To adopt Fire and Emergency Services Plan. (copy enclosed) (3.10p.m.)


8.   To receive presentation from ESB Networks and ESB contracts. (3.30p.m.)


9.  To receive half yearly reports from Strategic Policy Committees:

- Housing and Social Inclusion

- Local Urban and Rural Development

- Transportation

        (reports enclosed)




10.  Planning and Development Act 2000, Planning and Development Regulations 2001,  

       Part 8.    

       To consider report on Ballycore Bridge and approach roads improvements scheme

       (copy enclosed). 


11. To adopt revised Celbridge pay parking byelaws. (copy enclosed)



                                                      Corporate Services

12.  To note the updated Citizen Charter 2008 – 2010. (copy enclosed)



13.  To adopt Audit Committee Charter (copy enclosed)



14.  To consider and adopt Manager's Report on Proposed Variations to the Draft Allenwood

        Local Area Plan. (Report already circulated)


                                               Community and Enterprise

15.  Planning and Development Act 2000, Planning and Development Regulations 2001,  

       Part 8.    

      To consider report on provision of Boardwalk at Leixlip Spa Waterfall.

      (report enclosed)


16.  Gnó an Mhéara / Mayor’s Business.


17.  Gnó an Bhainisteora / County Manager’s Business.


18.  Comhfhreagras / Correspondence.


                                                             Moltaí ó Choistí

                                         (Committee Reports and Recommendations)


19.   Kildare Area Committee

       That all supermarket and off-licence planning permissions be conditioned with the

        provision of a bring centre on site and, where not feasible, that a levy for the provision

        of one elsewhere be applied.


                                                     Tairsceanna Láithreach          

                                                         (Current Motions)

20.   Councillors Browne, Byrne, Mc Ginley and Mac Namara.

        That Kildare County Council amend its Rent Assessment Scheme to exclude from

        consideration payments that are dedicated to meet specific costs including Fuel

        Allowance and Living Alone Allowance that are payable to tenants with recognised

        additional costs.


21.   Councillor Mac Namara          

        That this Council will prepare and adopt a policy and guidelines on measures to  

         combat anticipated effects of climate change in the county, dealing with such matters

         as water supply, flood plains, open spaces, and sustainable development and that

         such a Climate Change Adaptation Policy and Guidelines be included in the draft of the

         next County Development Plan.


22.   Gnó eile/Other business.