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Minutes of Annual General Meeting of the Council

held at 2.00 p.m. on Friday, 20 June 2008 at

Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas, Co Kildare

Members Present: Councillor M Glennon (Outgoing Mayor); Councillors P Black, F Browne, K Byrne, W Callaghan, G Conway, M Dalton, L Doyle, S Doyle,

F Dukes, D Fitzpatrick, S Griffin (Incoming Mayor), R Hendy, G W Hillis, P Kelly, G McDonagh, T McEvoy, J McGinley, P MacNamara, M Miley, M Nolan, F O’Loughlin, J J Power, K Ridge and B Weld.


Also Present:          Mr J Boland, Deputy County Manager, Messrs J Lahart, P Minnock,

E O’Sullivan, D Page and T Skehan (Directors of Services), C Talbot (Meetings Administrator) and other officials.





Election of Mayor

Councillor Glennon, reflecting on her term as Mayor, said that she had thoroughly enjoyed the year as first citizen.  She reflected on a number of events which she had attended during the year and made particular reference to improvements in road infrastructure which had been completed during her term.  She referred to a number of new initiatives introduced during the year, making special reference to the economic strategy and the skills register.  Councillor Glennon concluded by thanking her colleagues, the staff of the council and her family for all the support given to her during the year.


The members commended the Mayor for carrying out an excellent job during her term and made special reference to her fairness and courtesy.  They agreed that Councillor Glennon had been a great ambassador for the county during her time as first citizen.  The Deputy County Manager, on behalf of the staff, thanked the Mayor for the work she had carried out during the year.  He stated that her knowledge of the county had been a great asset to her and he commented specifically on her interest in the young people of the county and in encouraging their involvement in the democratic process.


The Mayor invited nominations for the post of Mayor for the coming year.  Councillor Griffin was nominated by Councillor Hendy and seconded by Councillor Weld.  Councillor O’Loughlin was nominated by Councillor Kelly and seconded by Councillor S Doyle.  Voting was carried out by a show of hands.  Councillor Griffin received 15 votes and Councillor O’Loughlin received 10 votes.  Councillor Griffin was deemed elected and duly entered into office.


Councillor Griffin thanked his supporters.  He looked forward to the challenge ahead and said that he would be available to help his colleagues, staff and the people of the county.  He anticipated a difficult year ahead, particularly with regard to securing finance from central government.  He stated that, in conjunction with the County Manager, the County Development Board and with the co-operation of the Council, it was hoped to establish an economic/enterprise team.  He said that it was his intention to attend at least one meeting of each of the town councils in the county.  The members congratulated the new Mayor and wished him well.  The Deputy Manager congratulated the new Mayor on behalf of himself and the staff.



Election of Mayor

The Mayor invited nominations for the post of Deputy Mayor for the coming year.  Councillor McGinley nominated Councillor MacNamara and Councillor Byrne seconded the nomination.  As there were no other nominations Councillor MacNamara was deemed elected as Deputy Mayor.


The Mayor and members congratulated Councillor MacNamara on his election as did the Deputy County.  Councillor MacNamara thanked the members for their support.


This concluded the annual meeting.