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Áras Chill Dara,
             Páirc Devoy,
                  An Nás,
                                                     15 Feabhra 2010


Do’n mhéara is gach ball de’n Chomhairle Chondae

A Bhaill Uile,
Tionólfar cruinniú míosúil de’n Chomhairle Chondae ar 2.00. p.m. tráthnóna dé Luain, an 22 Feabhra 2010, i seomra na Chomhairle, Áras Chill Dara, Páirc Devoy, An Nás, agus iarrtar ort bheith i láthair.

The monthly meeting of the Council will be held at 2.00. p.m. on Monday, 22 February 2010 in the Council Chamber, Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas, and you are invited to attend.


Le gach dea ghuí,


A.C. Talbot
Meetings Administrator.





1. Chun miontuariscí 7 agus 21 Nollaig 2009 agus 25 Eanair 2010 a ghlacadh agus tuarisc ar dul chun cinn a thabhairt faoi ndeara.
 To adopt minutes of monthly meeting of 21 December 2009 and 25 January 2010 and Budget Meeting 7 December 2009 to note progress report.

2. To note minutes of committee meetings:
 Athy Area – 23 November 2009
 Clane Area – 8 December 2009 and 21 January 2010
 Celbridge Area – 3 December 2009
 Kildare Area - 2 December 2009
 Naas Area – 15 December 2009

Gnó Reachtúil
(Statutory Business)

3. To make appointments to Strategic Policy Committees. (report enclosed)

4. To make appointments to Vocational Education Committee. (report enclosed)


5. To note housing report. (report to follow)


6. To fix dates for meetings of the council to consider and adopt the proposed draft county  
    development plan 2011-2017, (report being circulated separately).

7. To receive presentation on new draft regional planning guidelines. (3.30.p.m)

8. Gnó an Mhéara / Mayor’s Business.

9. Gnó an Bhainisteora / County Manager’s Business.

10. Comhfhreagras/ Correspondance.

Tairsceanna Curtha Siar
(Adjourned Motions)

11. Councillor Murphy
Kildare County Council agrees to open a register of delinquent developers.  That we do
so in order that planning permission can be refused on the basis of non compliance with 
   previous planning permissions based on the terms included in the Strategic Infrastructure   Bill.

12. Councillor MacNamara
Where sewerage blockages and leaks occur, flooding back gardens of houses
in estates not taken in charge by Kildare Co. Council, that in the interest of public health and safety that the council investigate such matters as a priority, clear the problem and bill the developer of the estate for the works required to clear the blockage.

13. Councillor MacNamara
    That Kildare County Council:
• Note that due to recent budget cutbacks, all schools across Ireland are now increasingly under funded and unable to make ends meet;
• Notes the Fianna Fail - Green Party Government decision to introduce metered water charges for all schools from January 1, 2010;
• Asks the County Manager to write to all school principals in the county informing them of the new metered water charges;
• Asks the County Manager to advise all schools on how they can conserve water consumption and so reduce their water bills to save money.

14. Councillor S Doyle
      As a means of addressing the need to encourage the re-development of protected 
      structures through the levies scheme that Kildare County Council  amend the current
      scheme to acknowledge the relatively high costs of  developing these sites with a
      reduced levies scheme for planning applications on such sites and in so doing incentivise
      the re-generation of our valuable built environment.

15. Councillor Moore
 That Kildare County Council, like many other authorities, would undertake to support a 
       road adoption scheme for simple litter control by volunteer businesses, on approach
   roads into towns, in return for small promotional advertisements in favour of those

16. Councillor Moore
     That Kildare County Council now immediately:
(a) Create a public awareness and publicise the arrangements, by which new legislation will be enforced on landlords/house owners to keep their rented properties to at least the standards of the owner/occupied homes of the area.

Tairsceanna Laithreach
( Current Motions)

17. Councillor Murphy
In view of the announced intention by Government to impose charges for water,  we seek a report on the estimated number of households which have a water meter installed and the number of vacant houses currently in the County.   

18. Councillor Murphy
 Kildare County Council provides details of the number of housing units where 
     management company charges are paid by the Council,  the locations of these and the
     extent of the charge paid,  also if they relate to houses or apartments.  This council 
     considers developing a policy response relating to membership by staff or tenants on 
     the board of such management companies,  we also consider how to minimise the cost of
     the management company fee for both council and owners

19. Councillor Lawlor
      That whenever restrictions on the use of hose pipes are considered necessary, they be
      applied on a regional rather then a county basis.


20. Councillor McGinley
That this Council calls on the Government to abandon the policy of leasing houses for social housing rather than buying them and that where the Council is buying a number of homes in a development that they be scattered randomly throughout the development rather than clustered together.

21. Councillor O’ Donnell
 That Kildare County Council provide a report on development levies in the county where
 the amounts are more than 12 months overdue.

22. Councillor O’ Donnell
      That Kildare County Council provide a report on housing estates in the County that have
      not been taken in charge, and where the developer has ceased trading or gone into
      receivership, examinership or liquidation.

23. Councillor McEvoy and Councillor Kennedy
 That the Council debate the consequences of the current and future planned reductions
 of special needs assistants from classrooms across Kildare.