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                                                                                                                      Áras Chill Dara,
         Páirc Devoy,
                 An Nás, 
                          16 Iuil 2010.


Do’n mhéara is gach ball de’n Chomhairle Chondae

A Bhaill Uile,
Tionólfar cruinniú míosúil de’n Chomhairle Chondae ar 2.00 tráthnóna dé Luain, an 26 Iuil 2010, i seomra na Chomhairle, Áras Chill Dara, Páirc Devoy, An Nás, agus iarrtar ort bheith i láthair.

The monthly meeting of the Council will be held at 2.00. p.m. on Monday, 26 July 2010 in the Council Chamber, Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas, and you are invited to attend.


Le gach dea ghuí,

A. Aspell
Meetings Administrator


1. Chun miontuariscí 28 Meitheamh, a  ghlacadh agus tuarisc ar dul chun cinn a thabhairt
 faoi ndeara.
 To adopt minutes of monthly meeting of 28 June 2010, and to note progress report.  (copies attached)

2. To note minutes of committee meetings:
 Athy – 24 May
 Clane Area – 8 June
 (copies attached)

Gnó Reachtúil
(Statutory Business)

3. To approve disposal of the following lands:
(a) 11 Sallins Pier, Sallins, Co.Kildare.
      (b) 3 Rosconnell St., Newbridge
(c) 23 Rosconnell St., Newbridge
(d) 25 Rosconnell St., Newbridge
(e) 27 Rosconnell St., Newbridge
(f) 30 Rosconnell St., Newbridge
(g) 1 Rosconnell Road Sth, Newbridge
(h) 23 Rosconnell Road Sth, Newbridge
(i) 1 Rosconnell Sq., Newbridge
(j) 2 Rosconnell Sq., Newbridge
     (k) 3 Rosconnell Sq., Newbridge
     (l)  4 Rosconnell Sq., Newbridge
 (Statutory notices already circulated)

4. To consider open spaces strategy. (copy attached)


Transportation and Public Safety

5. To approve the making of the County Kildare Special Speed Limit Bye Laws 2010 under
 Section 9 of the Road Traffic Act, 2004 (No.44 of 2004) (report already circulated)

6. Planning and Development Act 2000, Planning and Development Regulations 2001,
Part 8. 
(a) To consider report on Kildare Traffic Management Plan. (copy enclosed)
(b) To consider report on Eyre Street Newbridge Improvement Scheme. (report to follow)
(c) To consider report on Newbridge Green Schools Travel Initiative. (copy enclosed)

Water & Environmental Services

7. Planning and Development Act 2000, Planning and Development Regulations 2001,
    Part 8. 
    To consider Butterstream Flood Alleviation Scheme, Phase 2. (report to follow)

8. To receive report on waste management issues. (copy enclosed)

Housing, Community and Cultural Services

9. Planning and Development Act 2000, Planning and Development Regulations 2001,
    Part 8. 
    To consider report on Kilcullen Community Playground. (copy attached)

10. To receive presentation on the Kildare Age Friendly County Programme.

Financial Services

11. To receive half yearly financial report. (copy attached)

12. Gnó an Mhéara / Mayor’s Business.

13. Gnó an Bhainisteora / County Manager’s Business.

14. Comhfhreagras/ Correspondence.

Tairsceanna Laithreach
(Current Motions)

15. Councillor Lawlor
      That an update on the current budgetary position of the council be given to the members
      for the July meeting and what are the implications of this for the budget 2011.

16. Councillor Murphy
      We seek a report on the policies surrounding bonds to include how the amounts are 
       arrived at, why cash bonds as opposed to insurance bonds are sought.  How decisions
      are arrived at to return the bonds either in full or in increments, who signs off on those 
      decisions.   In the event of bonds being returned prior to an estate being taken in charge 
      what safeguards are in place to ensure outstanding works are all completed. 

17. Councillor S Doyle
      That the transportation section of Kildare County Council, produce maps identifying
     disability access routes throughout our towns as part of current or forthcoming traffic management plans. These mapped routes should then   be made available on the council website and hard copies displayed in key locations in each town, such as doctors surgery, relevant service   providers, public spaces etc.

18. Councillors  O’Donnell and Councillor  S Doyle
      That the Local Area Plan for Kildare town be advanced immediately with a view to publishing draft in early September 2010, and that this    work be prioritised above any non statutory plans for the town.

19. Councillor McGinley
       That this Council restores the agreed policy when it comes to putting people on the social housing waiting list. It seems as if the Executive     have adopted a "new policy"  whereby applicants are told that their application has been refused as the council has
 deemed that they are adequately housed.


20. Councillor McGinley
 That the NRA be asked again for their proposals for the introduction of noise abatement
 measures on the M4, specifically, when will they be laying a low noise surface from
 Leixlip Bridge to the Meath border and the erection of noise barriers where there are
 houses at Leixlip, Maynooth and Kilcock

21. Councillors  Murphy, McEvoy, Kennedy and Moore
That Kildare County Council investigate existing waste-collection licences or bye-law opportunities for night-time noise limits on waste-collection services in residential areas.

22. Councillor Scully
That this council would write to the British Ambassador for Ireland to officially invite her
Majesty Queen Elizabeth to visit County Kildare during her proposed official visit to
Ireland in 2011.

23. Councillor Moore
      That Kildare County Council, on behalf of the people of Kildare, would welcome Queen
       Elizabeth of Great Britain, should she consider a visit to Ireland and County Kildare.

24. Councillor Miley
 In light of Kildare County Council having to add a  VAT charge to grave opening, that the
 current price would remain and the VAT charge be incorporated.

25. Councillor Heydon
 That Kildare County Council examine ways in which, working in conjunction with state
 agencies, it can provide business incubation centres and equivalent support services, for
 entrepreneurs and start up businesses, in parts of the county that have increasing levels
 of unemployment but where such services are presently lacking.