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Áras Chill Dara,

Páirc Devoy,

An Nás,

23 Samhain 2010.

Do’n mhéara is gach ball de’n Chomhairle Chondae

 A Bhaill Uile,

Tionólfar cruinniú míosúil de’n Chomhairle Chondae ar 2.00 tráthnóna dé Luain, an 29 Samhain 2010, i seomra na Chomhairle, Áras Chill Dara, Páirc Devoy, An Nás, agus iarrtar ort bheith i láthair.

The monthly meeting of the Council will be held at 2.00. p.m. on Monday, 29 November 2010 in the Council Chamber, Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas, and you are invited to attend.

Le gach dea ghuí,

A. C. Talbot

Meetings Administrator



1. Chun miontuairisci chruinnithe an 18 Deireadh Fomhair 2010, agus 26 Deireadh Fomhair 2010 a ghlacadh agus chun tuarascáil dul chun cinn a thabhairt faoi ndeara.

To adopt minutes of monthly meeting of 18 October 2010, and adjourned meeting of 26 October 2010 and to note progress report (copies attached).

2. To note minutes of committee meetings:

Athy – 20 September 2010

Clane – 12 October 2010

Celbridge – 17 September 2010 and 19 October 2010

Kildare – 15 September 2010

Naas - 21 September 2010 and 19 October 2010

(copies attached)

Gnó Reachtúil

(Statutory Business)


3. To approve disposal of the following land:

(a) 0.97 ha at Fairgreen, Naas, Co. Kildare

(Statutory notice already circulated)

4. To appoint two members to the Twinning Committee.

Transportation and Public Safety

5. To approve the making of Road Traffic (Speed Limits and Special Speed Limits)(County of Kildare) Bye Law in respect of the R448 from the county boundary (Carlow/Kildare) to Kilcullen, under section 9 of the Road Traffic Act 2004. (report attached)

Housing, Community and Cultural Services

6. To adopt the Draft Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy. (copy attached)

7. To consider draft policy document from the Community and Culture strategic policy committee on community facilities. (copy attached)

Planning and Economic Development

8. To consider the following draft policy documents from the Planning and Economic Development strategic policy committee:

(a) Access through housing estates;

(b) Naming of new housing estates and appropriate Irish translation.

(copies attached)

Corporate, Human Resources and ICT

9. To approve meetings calendar for 2011 (copy attached)

10. Gnó an Mhéara / Mayor’s Business.

11. Gnó an Bhainisteora / County Manager’s Business.

12. Comhfhreagras/ Correspondence.

Moltai o Choisti

(Committee Reports and Recommendations)

13. Naas Area

To approve grants under Arthurstown Landfill Community Grant Scheme. (report attached)

14. Celbridge Area

That we amend the matrix for the Celbridge area plan so as to accommodate the provision of a cinema at the entrance to Celbridge from the M4.

Tairsceanna Curtha Siar

(Adjourned Motions)

15. Councillors Murphy, McEvoy, Moore and Kennedy

That the council write to the Minister for Justice to request that Garda personnel numbers be substantially increased in the Kildare division to redress the seriously disproportionate ratio to the county population and the sub-critical level of resources.

16. Councillor S Doyle

That a policy requiring all service providers who use and install underground cables, to register a comprehensive GPS location for network of same which shall be recorded by the council to enable the efficient and safe deliberation of future development applications, civic works, etc.

17. Councillor S Doyle

That the council urgently review the development levies that are applied to successful planning applications.

18. Councillor Griffin

That we invite FAS to advise the council on the number of apprentices in Co. Kildare who area awaiting completion of their training courses and that we examine how best council can assist those apprentices seeking completion of their course.

Tairsceanna Laithreach

(Current Motions)

19. Councillor Murphy

That the council be advised as to the extent of the bonds held by Kildare County Council as a guarantee that works will be completed within housing estates in Kildare? What is involved in calling in bonds, where appropriate? How many estates are likely to be taken in charge in this way? How many developers are looking for their bonds back?

20. Councillor McGinley

That new entries to the draft Register of Electors and any FRA 1 forms submitted between 1 and 25 November be automatically included in the Supplementary Register in the event of an election being called between 1 November and 15 February 2011.

21. Councillor McGinley

That a report be given to the council on how it is proposed to spend the €600,000 allocated to this council in 2010 for the retrofitting of council houses.

22. Councillor S Doyle

That the County Manager provide to the members the following information:

(a) the total number of planning applications received by the council in the first 6 months of 2010 and

(b) a breakdown of those applications into the following categories; (i) once off rural houses (ii) individual housing applications in towns or villages (iii) multiple housing applications (iv) extensions to existing houses (v) commercial/ retail/industrial (vi) any other and that the Manager further supply the comparable data for the first 6 months of 2005.

That the Manager further indicate the percentage of each category of development was granted, refused or had further information raised during the 6 months period in each reference year and if he will consequently indicate the average period of time currently being taken by the council to process each application category.

23. Councillors McEvoy, Moore and Kennedy

That the Council report on preparations to respond to severe and emergency weather that may occur this winter. Consideration may be given to previous reported plans to install water gauges, rain meters and to co-ordinated communications with the ESB and other agencies.

24. Councillors Murphy, McEvoy, Kennedy and Moore

Notwithstanding that Kildare County Council has limited the current conference budget to 64% of the national guidelines it is proposed that in the interests of enhanced transparency and accountability, for compliance with the Local Government Act (2001) and for clarity that the following be amended to the protocol rules:

1. Conference events are approved according to written guidelines available to all members.

2. Payment of conference attendance expenses are subject to the agreed event being listed in recorded minutes of full council meetings.

3. Payment of conference/seminar attendance expenses are subject to a nomination to the event from a full council meeting with a record in the minutes; or alternatively in writing from a group leader and with record in the subsequent

full council meeting minutes. Nominations should address the potential benefit to the county council and how the potential information/knowledge is currently unavailable from services within Kildare County Council.

4. The Council will publish an annual report on attendances of conferences/training seminars, the associated expenses incurred for attendance, travel and subsistence; the attendees and their reports submitted.

5. The conference report form is amended to include;

(a) conference papers where provided

(b) the title/content and who made the presentation

(c) suggest how the conference could be useful to the work of Kildare County Council i.e. if the conference dealt with new methods of disposing of waste, then the Environment SPC should be furnished with the papers.

25. Councillor Callaghan

That the council calls on the Government to recognise the unique and vital role of the postal service in Ireland, particularly rural Ireland, as a means of communication, as a vital economic tool and as an intrinsic part of the fabric of the community.