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Minutes of Adjourned Meeting
held at 2.00 p.m. on Tuesday, 26 October 2010 at
Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas, Co Kildare


Members Present: Councillor C Purcell (Mayor); Councillors F Browne, K Byrne, W Callaghan, R Daly, L Doyle, S Doyle, S Griffin,

M Heydon, P Kennedy, P Kelly, S Langan, A Lawlor, P MacNamara, P McEvoy, J McGinley, M Miley, S Moore,

C Murphy, M Nolan, T O’Donnell, F O’Loughlin, D Scully, M Wall and B Weld.


Apologies:             Councillor D Scully


Also Present:        Mr M Malone, County Manager, Mr P Minnock (Director of Services),  Ms S Kavanagh

(Acting Director of Services), Mr T Hunter McGowan (Head of Finance), Mr  C Talbot (Meetings Administrator)

and other officials.






Disposal of Land


1.233 ha. at Newtown, Kill

The Council considered statutory notice dated 29 September 2010 which had been circulated to members pursuant to section 183 0f the Local Government Act 2001 signifying intent to dispose of 1.233ha of the council’s land at Newtown, Kill, Co Kildare to Kill GAA in consideration of payment of €193 per annum.  Councillor MacNamara disagreed with the proposed disposal


Resolved on the proposal of Councillor O’Donnell, seconded by Councillor Callaghan, and on a show of hands, that pursuant to Section 183 of the Local Government Act 2001 that the Council consent to the disposal of the land in accordance with the terms set out in the statutory notice.




Anti-Social Behaviour


The council considered the draft policy on anti-social behaviour which had been developed in consultation with housing policy committee and circulated to all members.  Members expressed views on the document and suggested that:

  • It should deal with anti-social behaviour outside of council housing estates
  • Resources should be made available to support the implementation of the policy
  • A multi-agency approach was necessary


Mr Minnock noted the comments of the Councillors and outlined how the housing directorate had dealt with cases.  He undertook to bring the draft document back to the housing policy committee to consider the members comments.


Resolved that the draft report be referred back to the housing policy committee.




Mayors Business

Housing Adaptation Grants


Councillor McGinley raised an issue about a newspaper report which claimed that the council had only drawn down 6% of its allocation for housing adaptation grants.  Mr Minnock reported that over four hundred grant applications had been processed and the council had already made payments on foot of these to the value of 60% of the allocation.  It was noted that the newspaper article had not fully reflected the situation pertaining at the time of going to print.


Resolved that the newspaper be advised of the facts in the matter




County Development Plan


Councillor S Doyle raised the issue of the volume of work involved for members in dealing with the county development plan and recommended that the technical working group be re-constituted.  The Mayor noted that the executive was amenable to the proposal 


Resolved that arrangements for consulting with the group be discussed at the forthcoming briefing session in relation to the plan.




Vote of Sympathy


The Mayor and members expressed sympathy with Frank Durney, Corporate Services Department, on the death of his nephew.




Financial Report


Mr Hunter McGowan referred to the financial report to the end of the third quarter which had been circulated to members and dealt with the queries thereon.


Resolved that the report be noted




Budget Meeting


The council discussed arrangements for consideration of the annual budget for 2011


Resolved that members be briefed on the draft budget in closed session at 2.00 pm on Friday, 3 December 2010 and that the annual budget meeting be convened on Monday, 6 December 2010 at 10.00 am for which purpose the Corporate Policy Group committee meeting should be re-scheduled.




Housing Land Costs


The County Manager reported that, under new arrangements, lands acquired for housing could now be transferred to the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government who would accept responsibility for purchase costs.  He added that this was under consideration and any proposed disposal would be brought before the council for consideration and approval.  He also dealt with the members queries and advised that the council’s financial requirements would be a necessary factor in any decision.






The council noted receipt of acknowledgement of its representations to the Minister for Defence in relation to facilities for the Alzheimer’s Society.




Erection of road signs on the M4


The council considered the following motion in the name of Councillor McGinley:

That the council ask the public private partnership company responsible for the M4 public private partnership section to erect two signs as follows:

                     - River Boyne’

      -‘Welcome to Kildare’

on the boundary of the county and if they refuse or fail to do so that the council erect these signs.


Ms Kavanagh reported if it was the Council’s wish she would write to the partnership company concerned.  The County Manager advised that if the NPPP did not act the council could not erect the signs as they did not have responsibility for these roads


Resolved that the request be made as set out in the motion




Drinking in Public Bye Laws

The council considered the following motion in the name of Councillor McGinley:

That a report be given on how the ‘Drinking in Public Bye Laws’ are being enforced i.e.

-          The number of tickets issued by Gardai in the towns where there are such by laws in 2010?

-          How many fines were paid in 2010?

-          How many prosecutions did the council pursue in 2010 and what was the outcome of the prosecutions?


The administrator reported that two fines had been issued from 1 January 2010 to date and the fine was paid in respect of one of these.  No prosecutions had been taken this year.  Members discussed the amount of the fine and whether it should be raised and who had responsibility for increasing fines.


Resolved that a further report would issue giving historical data on fines issued, and the outcome, from 2008 onwards.




Traffic Calming Measures

The council considered the following motion in the name of Councillor Murphy:

Given that each area committee is being advised when seeking traffic calming measures that there is generally insufficient funds to do such work and that they can be placed on a list, that the council outlines the extent of that list to date and the estimated cost of the works.  What options were available for funding such measures beyond those of the council’s own resources.  That the council  also consider what lower cost traffic calming measures might be available in order to meet the safety needs being demanded by the public.


Ms Kavanagh reported on the procedure for dealing with requests for traffic calming.  She said that requests were assessed on the basis of appropriateness and subsequently listed for implementation on a sequential basis.  She noted that not all requests could be accommodated and added that a significant number of traffic calming measures, particularly ramps, had been installed throughout the county.  There were generally no sources of funding available outside of the Council’s own resources.


Councillor Murphy said that the special road surface used in ramps was subject to excessive wear and she advocated the use of traffic calming solutions that were less expensive.


Resolved that the report be noted




Local Improvement Scheme 2010


Ms Kavanagh presented a report dated 11 October 2010, and previously circulated to members, recommending approval of local improvement schemes at:

(a)                Cappinargid, Rathangan

(b)               Donode Big, Naas


Resolved on the proposal of Councillor Hayden seconded by Councillor Moore that the Local Improvement Schemes listed in report proceed.



The meeting concluded, the council having agreed to adjourn items remaining on the agenda to the meeting of 29 November 2010.