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Minutes of Monthly Meeting
held at 2.00 p.m. on Monday, 22 February 2010 at
Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas, Co Kildare

Members Present: Councillor C Purcell (Mayor); Councillors F Browne, K Byrne,
W Callaghan, R Daly, L Doyle, S Doyle, S Griffin, P Kennedy, P Kelly,
S Langan, A Lawlor, P McEvoy, J McGinley, P MacNamara, M Miley,
S Moore, C Murphy, M Nolan, T O’Donnell, F O’Loughlin, D. Scully,
M Wall, B Weld and M Heydon.

Also Present: Mr M Malone, County Manager, P Minnock (Director of Services),
C Talbot (Meetings Administrator) and other officials.


Confirmation of Minutes

The council considered the minutes of the monthly meetings held on 21 December 2009 and 25 January 2010 and Budget Meeting 7 December 2009.

Resolved:  on the proposal of Councillor Murphy, seconded by Councillor Kennedy, that the minutes of the monthly meetings of 21 December 2009 and January 2010 and the Budget Meeting 7 December 2009 be confirmed and taken as read subject to amendment of Minute No. 12/1209 of 21 December being amended to read as follows:
“Resolved: on the proposal of Councillor O’ Donnell, seconded by Councillor Weld, that a letter be sent to the Government requesting that the three Community Development Programmes based in Co Kildare be retained, that they retain their status as limited companies and that the Government engage in consultation in relation to any proposed changes”

Committee Minutes

The Council considered the following committee minutes which had been circulated with the agenda.
Athy Area – 23 November 2009
Clane Area – 8 December 2009 and 21 January 2010
Celbridge Area – 3 December 2009
Kildare Area - 2 December 2009
Naas Area – 15 December 2009

Resolved: on the proposal of Councillor Miley, seconded by Councillor Wall, that the minutes be noted. 

Appointments to Strategic Policy Committees

The council considered reports dated 15 February and 19 February 2010 from the administrator regarding nominations to strategic policy committees.

Resolved that appointments be made to the committees as follows.

Housing: Mr. Joe Curran of Ivy Cottage, Hazelhatch Road, Celbridge,
and Mr. Michael Dowling of Culleton Insurance House, Leinster Street, Athy;

Transportation, Safety and Emergency Services: Mr. James Earle, of Newtown, Rathangan and Councillor John Lawler of Athy Town Council;

Water and Environmental Services: Mr. Mark Keenan of Rinawade Lawns, Leixlip;
Mr. Tom Malone of Sandymount Farm, Sallins, Naas; and Councillor Shane Fitzgerald of Leixlip Town Council;

Planning and Economic Development: Mr. James Cotter of 15 Aylmer Close;
Community and Cultural Services: Mr. John Hayden of Castlemartin Abbey House, Kilcullen,
and Councillor Ger Dunne of Naas Town Council;

That councillor Ann Breen and either Councillor Damien Molyneaux or Councillor Emma Kiernan of Newbridge Town Council be appointed at the next monthly meeting to fill the remaining local authority seats on the committees, the allocation of a seat to Councillor Breen having been determined by lot.

Appointments to Vocational Education Committee

The council considered a report dated 18 February from the administrator regarding the nominations which had been received in respect of community candidates to fill four seats on the county vocational education committee. The report included an account of a meeting with a consultation panel in accordance with Section 8 of the Vocational Education Act 1930.

Councillor Kelly proposed that the appointments be made on the basis of voting under the proportional representation system. Councillor Griffin sought a short recess to

allow his party to consider the matter. A recess of ten minutes was agreed and following the resumption of the meeting, Councillor Kelly’s proposal was put to a vote and defeated by fourteen votes to four.

Votes were then taken in respect of the nominees whose names had been submitted as candidates for the filling of the four seats on the committee (the non-party councillors abstaining), with the following result:
Ms Katie Ridge  fourteen votes 
Ms Moya Corry  fourteen votes
Ms Alice Robertson  six votes
Mr Billy Hillis    fourteen votes
Mr Pat McCarthy   fourteen votes 
Councillor Mark Dalton  six votes
Mr Seán Cunnane    five votes
Mr Tom Keegan   five votes
Fr Adrian Carbery   five votes     

Resolved: On the proposal of Councillor McNamara, seconded by Councillor Daly, that Ms Katie Ridge, Ms Moya Corry, Mr Billy Hillis and Mr Pat McCarthy be appointed to the Vocational Educational Committee.

Housing  Report

Mr Minnock presented the housing report. The report set out the social housing investment programme for the year, the provisional financial allocations as notified to the council at the end of January and the status of vacant houses as at 31 January 2010. Councillor Byrne enquired as to the current position of the affordable homes scheme and Mr Minnock replied that the council was still accepting applications for affordable homes but that the market is very quiet at this time. The members raised a number of other issues.  Mr Minnock replied to the questions raised and also stated that, as previously advised, there would be a four hour training session in April.

Resolved: That the report be noted.

Proposed Draft County Development Plan 2011 – 2017

Schedule of Meetings
The members were presented with a schedule of meetings to consider and adopt the proposed draft County Development Plan 2011-2017. Special meetings were proposed for 25 February, 8 March, 15 March, 22 March and 25 March.

Resolved:  That the schedule of meetings to consider and adopt the proposed draft County Development Plan  2011- 2017 was agreed by the members.

At this stage, it being agreed that the members would reconvene on Monday, 1 March 2010 at 2.00 p.m. to deal with the remaining items on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned.