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The Role of the County Research & Statistics Office

The County Research & Statistics Office  (CRSO) was originally established in October 2005 under the 2006-2008 County Development Board action plan. It now operates under the Corporate Affairs Directorate where it provides a centrally based data resource. The main role of the CRSO  is the collation and analysis of data relating to Co. Kildare.

The aims of the CRSO are:

  • To gather data from appropriate sources on all aspects of life in Co. Kildare, for example, economic, social etc.
  • To gather such data to the finest geographic area possible. In particular an effort to be made to collect data on a sub-county level, to DED or sub-DED level where possible.
  • To use GIS (Geographical Information Systems) to analyse and display data.

The CRSO deals with a number of queries and information requests on a daily basis on various statistics that relate to Co. Kildare. It also provides technical support and analysis for research projects carried out at Kildare County Council.

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