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Lone Parents in Kildare: People, Services & Challenges

The research on Lone Parents in Kildare began in respose to a national call by the Gender Equality Unit of the Department of Justice, Equality & Law Reform to all County Development Board (CDB)s to carry out research on Lone Parents .The Initiative for Lone Parents ran from September 2006 to November 2007. It was funded by the NDP Gender Equality Unit and aimed to raise awareness of the local labour market needs of lone parents and to develop effective joined-up approaches to meet these needs at a county level. The Initiative was developed in the context of the NDP Gender Equality Unit’s remit to promote gender equality and support gender mainstreaming. While the initiative aimed to target the needs of both female and male lone parents, it was recognised that women form the majority of this group – the Initiative was designed to be an example of ‘practice mainstreaming’, supporting specific actions to promote equality, which could then inform mainstream delivery and practice.

The focus of the Initiative was very much at the local level, with an emphasis on raising the issue of lone parents at this level, identifying learning around the integration of services at a county level, and supporting CDBs to address the needs of lone parents.

The project undertaken on behalf of Kildare CDB came under Strand A of the Initiative: Increasing understanding of, and capacity to respond to, the labour market needs of lone parents. The aim of the project in Co. Kildare was to profile lone parents in the county, to look at those providing services to them within the county and to identify any gaps in service provision with a view to enhancing capacity at local level to meet the labour market needs of lone parents. This project had a strong geographical angle and identifies places of specific need as well as issues to be addressed, in relation to lone parents, in the county.

The learning from such local reports formed part of a larger, national report on this initiative entitled: Labour Market Initiative for Lone Parents: Summary Findings & Recommendations.

Lone Parents in Kildare: People, Services & Challenges

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