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Register 2018/19.

The Draft 2018/19 Register of Electors was published on the 1st November 2017. This is a preliminary list of those eligible to vote in polls called between 15 February 2018 and 14 February 2019.  If you wish to check that your details are correct on the register, it is for inspection at Kildare County Council offices, at your local Garda Station, Library, Post Office and online at

If your name does not appear on the draft, there is an error in your entry (e.g., it is mis-spelled) or you are registered at an incorrect address, you have until 25 November to make a "claim" for correction to the draft.  Application forms are available at the same locations that the Draft Register is on display.

Many changes have been made to the 2018/19 register compared to the previous register, incorporating information received following ongoing inquiries. Therefore you should not rely on the fact that you were previously registered but check the new register.


Supplement to the Register of Electors 2017/18.

A persons whose name does not appear on the 2017/18 Register of Electors or whose name appears, but they are now living at an address in another constituency and/or municipal district, may apply for entry on the supplement to the register of electors.  The latest date to do so for a particular poll is approximately seventeen (17) days before Polling Day.  (The exact "closing date" for a particular poll will be posted here when the polling day has been announced).  These forms must have your signature witnessed at a Garda Station.

Application forms for this purpose are available in post offices, community libraries and Garda stations or may be requested from our Franchise Section on 045-980201 or e-mail at