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Safety Tips

  • Make sure you have multiple torches and extra batteries. Be very careful if you are using candles.
  • Keep a plug-in telephone that does not require electricity.
  • Keep the Emergency telephone number 1850 372 999 or +353 21 2382410 to hand, along with your MPRN number (on your bill). This MPRN number helps to identify the exact network serving you.
  • Do not call any other ESB telephone number as the emergency numbers are the only ones that can give you up-to-date information and, where appropriate, will have the automated messages relevant to your area.
  • If you have special needs because of infirmity or restricted mobility, or if you use electrical home medical equipment, please make sure that you are registered on the Medical Register. Contact your electricity supplier to ensure you are on their medical register.
  • If you have elderly neighbours, please check that they are OK.  
  • If your electricity fails, switch off all appliances EXCEPT your fridge and freezer and one light. Avoid opening the freezer.  
  • Remember never to put yourself in danger and to alert the emergency services if a dangerous situation arises. 
  • Where possible, consider making alternate arrangements to stay with family or friends if you are impacted by the power cut.  
  • If possible, boil water and store it in flasks in advance of the power cut.