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Energy is becoming a very important issue for us all. The price of fossil fuels, climate change and the cost of food in developing countries- these issues are all linked to our consumption of energy.

There is a wide range of resources to help people reduce their energy consumption and switch to renewable sources:

www.seai.ie Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland is the national body responsible for raising awareness of these issues and also for administering the Greener Homes scheme, the grants system is designed to help householders pay for the cost of installing solar panels, wood pellet boilers and geothermal energy. You can phone them at 1850 376 666.

www.powerofone.ie is a website that helps people become more energy efficient and contains real case studies of Irish families and how they have coped in reducing their energy use.

www.change.ie is the government website that lets people calculate their carbon footprint- this is a figure that represents how much carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere through your energy use. you sign up to the website (free) then complete a survey and the carbon calculator gives you a "carbon number". This carbon number then becomes the benchmark figure for you to try to reduce energy use. Advice is available on the website to acieve this.