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A new set of regulations have been put in place to ensure that old vehicles are properly recycled and not just abandoned by the side of the road. The key aspect of this End of Life Vehicle regulation (ELV) is that you cannot be charged for disposing of the car. In effect, you pay a levy when you buy a new car and this covers the cost of finally disposing of it in future. In Kildare, there are currently three Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs). These are the only locations in Kildare that cars may be dismantled. They are:

All Spares (Kildare) Ltd., Ballysax, The Curragh, Co. Kildare. Tel: (045) 456702, (045) 441453

Kellys N4 Recovery, Killbrook, Enfield, Co. Kildare, Tel.: 046 9541293, Fax: 046 9541474, mob: 087 2423384/087 6718412, Email: n4recovery@hotmail.com

Kilcock Car Dismantlers, Laragh, Kilcock, Co. Kildare, Tel.: 01 6289160 or  6285671 Fax: 01 6270797 Email: kilcockcarrecycling@gmail.com Web: www.kilcockcardismantlers.com

These facilities "depollute" the vehicle- removal of all fluids, batteries, catalytic convertors and any asbestos. Then the metal and the recyclable plastics are separated for recycling.

If vehicles are abandoned, the last registered owner is legally responsible for it, so if you sell a car it is vital that you complete the ownership details. It is the owners responsibility to get the vehicle to the above ATFs. Once the vehicle has been scrapped, you will receive a certificate to this effect.