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A new bin collection service for Kildare!

You asked us to change and we're doing it.

From Monday 14th of April your general waste bin will be collected on the usual day and every SECOND week thereafter.

Your recylcing collection will take place on the same day of the FOLLOWING week and every second week thereafter. What you get:

  • competitive pricing
  • easy payment options
  • choice of two bin sizes
  • fixed-fee, pay by lift tag system- helps to cut down on cost and cut down on waste
  • regular reliable service
  • new service provider
  • tax relief available on waste charges

What the community gets:

  • network of recycling banks throughout the county
  • recycling centres in Kilcullen and Athy
  • anti-litter support service
  • street-sweeping service
  • support for Kildare Green-Schools
  • Support for Tidy Towns and community groups
  • Co-ordination of National Spring Clean in Kildare
  • Authorised waste disposal
  • Kildare County Council isd the only organisation providing all these extra services

The system for your refuse and recycling bins operates as follows:

Every customer receives a bill for a standing charge for the bin- this is an annual charge and covers you for the calendar year. This standing charge can be paid online by clicking  here  or by using our Automated Telephone Service at 045-980444.  In addition, you will have to purchase a tag that must be displayed on the bin. As your bin is emptied the tag will be removed by the refuse contractors. So you will need a tag every time you leave out the bin. The tags are available to buy online on this site by clicking here , using our Automated Telephone Service at 045-980444, in selected retail outlets and at the Council offices. A full list of outlets can be found here. The breakdown of the charges is as follows:

  • Standard 240 litre bin: €179 plus €8 tag
  • Small 140 litre bin: €140 plus €5.50 tag

Some customers will qualify for a waiver of the fixed charge, those whose sole income is from Social Welfare, or where the household income falls below the income tax threshold. Hardship cases are assessed on an individual basis. You can apply for a waiver here.

So how do you reduce the cost of dealing with waste?

  • Firstly, get your stickers for both the reuse and recycling bins, whether by paying your bill or getting approval forr a waiver. All Kildare County Council customers are entitled to a recycling bin- if you have not received your bin, contact the Council. You will be amazed at how much household waste can be recycled when you start using your bin.
  • Start composting. Compost bins are a great way of cutting down on the amount of waste going to landfill and you can get them from the Council click here.
  • Bring your glass and cans to your nearest recycling bank
  • Use your recycling centres: Silliot Hill, Kilcullen and Gallows Hill, Athy, are both great facilities for recycling a huge range of items.

Remember, you can claim a tax rebate on your refuse costs- keep your bill for the standing charge and retain the section of the tag that you tear off.

Most people in Kildare have a recycling bin, whether you are a customer of the Council, or you are with a private waste contractor. The one thing all these service providers have in common is that the recycling bins are enabling people in Kildare to recycle a huge amount of waste. Diverting waste from landfill is essential, both to reduce the need for landfill and also because the recyclables can and should be used again.

What you can put in your recycling bin depends on your contractor. If you are with Kildare County Council you can recycle the following items in the recycling bin:



Plastic bottles (see below for more info)

 Steel food cans

 Aluminium drinks cans

 Juice cartons

 Milk cartons

Plastics can be confusing in terms of which can be recycled and which cannot. The important thing to remember is that you can only put plastic bottles and jars in the recycling bin- no bags, clingfilm, plastic trays or other forms of plastic.

All that remains to do is to ensure that the right type of plastic bottle and jar is put in the recycling bin.  All plastic containers should have a small triangle (usually on the base). This will also have a number. For example, soft drinks bottles always have the triangle with the number 1 on them. Just to confuse matters further, many also have some letters as well (in the same example, you can see the letters "PET" or "PETE"). Here is an example of one of these symbols: 

mobius triangle 1

You won't be surprised to know that this is not referring to somebody called Pete who is very concerned with recycling- merely the chemical name for this particular type of plastic- PolyEthylene TerEphtalate (you can see why they shorten it though!). So, to keep it simple, the following table shows the numbers and letters that ARE acceptable for the Kildare County Council recycling bin- if you see other numbers or letters then DO NOT put them in the bin!

Number Name Used for:
1 PET or PETE Soft drinks bottles
2 HDPE Milk and juice bottles, washing up liquid and detergents
4 LDPE 'Hard' plastic jars, e.g. medicine jars

Most importantly of all- PLEASE RINSE ALL FOOD AND DRINKS CONTAINERS. Many of these containers will begin to smell badly. Remember, these items are separated in processing facilities using a combination of manual and mechanical systems- so it isn't too pleasant for the staff in these facilities to deal with month-old milk cartons that have not been rinsed out for example.

You should try to compact items as much as possible. Large cardboard boxes will fill a bin very quickly, but if they are torn into a number of pieces they will fit in much easier.