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Kildare County Council advises owners of septic tank systems or wastewater treatment systems that regular inspection and maintenance is essential. 

This is to ensure that your system works effectively and to prevent the system from polluting groundwater, wells, watercourses and streams and to avoid public health issues from overground ponding of effluent where systems fail to operate satisfactorily. 

All owners of domestic wastewater treatment systems are required to register their systems on the ‘Protect Our Water’ website https://www.protectourwater.ie/ Tel.: 1890 800 800

The responsibly for the operation and maintenance of these systems lies with the owner of the premises connected to the treatment system.  Systems should be de-sludged regularly and by a contractor holding a Waste Collection Permit for this purpose.  Details can be checked at the National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCPO) Tel.: 057 9357428 or on their website at https://www.nwcpo.ie/permitsearch.aspx

Exclude grease, excessive bleach or chemicals, food, disposable items (e.g. nappies/wipes) and rainwater from your system.  Keep a record of de-sludging or service works.  The owner is required to ensure that the treatment system does not present a risk to human health or the environment.


Please consult http://kildare.ie/CountyCouncil/Planning/ for information on making a planning application and refer to the Rural Housing Pre-Planning Guide available at http://kildare.ie/CountyCouncil/Planning/PlanningLeaflets/KCC%20Rural%20Housing%20PrePlanning%20Guide%20Final.pdf

Environment Section technical staff work with planners in the assessment of planning applications.  Refer to our Planning requirements for more details.  In particular, the environmental requirements for rural one-off housing applications. 

Septic Tank Operation and Maintenance

In this section you can find information and tips on the Operation and Maintenance of your own septic tank or other domestic wastewater treatment system.

Septic Tank Registration

The registration of your septic tank or other domestic wastewater treatment system is through "Protect Our Water" https://www.protectourwater.ie/default.aspx of the Department of Housing Planning and Local Government.  More general information here: Registration of Septic Tank or other system (Protect Our Water)

Will my Septic Tank be Inspected?

Kildare County Council carry out inspections in accordance with the National Inspection Plan 2018-2021: Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems published by the Environmental Protection Agency.  This section contains more information on Inspections and what to expect.


Information Leaflets: