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The Water Services Act 2007, as amended by the Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012, set out the requirement to register your septic tank or domestic wastewater treatment system.  The Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) has developed a central on-line registration system and manages the system on a shared-service basis for the water services authorities.  Registration commenced on 26 June 2012 and certificates were initially valid for a period of 5 years.  Full details are available on the Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems Registration website https://www.protectourwater.ie/

Under the Act, owners of domestic waste water treatment systems are required to ensure that their systems are on the register. Your registration will contribute to the protection of Ireland's ground and surface waters.

Please Note: If you have already registered, you do not need to re-register. The requirement to re-register every five years is being removed from the legislation. Your existing certificate remains valid.

All septic tanks and other types of treatment and disposal systems for domestic waste water should be registered.  This commenced in February 2013.

For the first 3 months the cost to register was €5 increasing to €50 thereafter. 

There are a number of ways to register:

Sign on at protectourwater.ie and pay online.

Get an application form at all Council offices and libraries and post it to Protect Our Water, PO Box 12204, Dublin 7

You can also download the form below.

Complete an application form at the Main offices of the Council at Aras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas. If you have a completed form you can go to the cash desk on Level 2. If you have any queries, go to the Environment Section on Level 4.

Registration Application Form (Protect Our Water)

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NOTE: If you are buying, selling or otherwise involved in a particular property and need to know if the septic tank system or wastewater treatment system is registered, contact Protect Our Water directly by phone on 1890 800 800 (between the hours of 10:00-12:00) or by email support@pow.ie
Alternatively refer to the website www.protectourwater.ie for Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs).