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What is LAWCO? (Local Authority Waters and Communities Office)

LAWCO was set up in February 2016 to promote better management of our streams, rivers, lakes, estuaries, coastal waters and groundwater for the benefit of present and future generations.  

The Waters and Communities Office operates as a shared service on behalf of all Local Authorities and is funded by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government.  It is managed jointly by Kilkenny and Tipperary County Councils.  The office can be contacted by email: info@lawco.ie or phone: 0761 06 5262.  To find out more from the Waters and Communities Officer covering the Kildare area please check the LAWCO website www.watersandcommunities.ie for up-to-date information.

How can LAWCO help local communites?

The Waters and Communites Officers work closely with local communities, public bodies, sectoral interests, Public Participation Networks (PPNs), Local Development Companies and other stakeholders to promote collaboration in the management of our natural water environment.

LAWCO can provide technical assistance and support for local communities on water based initiatives, such as:

  • Invasive species removal and control
  • Riverbank improvement works/halting erosion
  • In stream works – stream crossings
  • Community engagement around water
  • Citizen science and monitoring of local rivers – Nature detectives
  • Restoration of wildlife habitats
  • “Solution to pollution” – advice on problems identified
  • Animal access to waters – advice on best practice
  • River heritage and walks signage and leaflets
  • And more.

Is there funding availabile?

LAWCO launched their first funding application this year, called the Community Water Development Fund 2018. Closing date for receipt of applications was Monday, 28th May at 19.00hrs. 

The Community Water Development Fund aims to support communities in progressing water related projects and initiatives, delivering benefits locally whilst also helping to meet the objectives of the River Basin Management Plan for Ireland and the wider EU Water Framework Directive. This fund is open to all community and voluntary groups to assist in the protection and management of water quality, both locally and in the wider catchment. This can include the development of a catchment partnership or River/Lake Trust, and delivery of local projects to protect and improve water quality in a local waterbody. This fund will enable communities to get more involved in the management of their local water environment, delivering multiple benefits for present and future generations. The fund is administered by the Waters and Communities Office on behalf of the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government.

For more information or to contact the Kildare area Waters and Communities Officer check out http://watersandcommunities.ie/