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Payment Arrangements in relation to COVID 19 Emergency

Rent Accounts

Kildare County Council encourages tenants to continue to make repayments towards their rent every week to avoid going into arrears. It should be noted a “rent freeze” means rent will not increase, not that tenants may stop paying their rent. 

The council is very sympathetic to the difficulties facing tenants, however, as rent is assessed based on income, a rent assessment form needs to be completed and returned without delay.

This can be downloaded on KCC website alternatively you can request a form by emailing or phoning Finance at 045 980 654 or Housing at 045 980 705.

As a temporary measure the Finance Rents’ Team may discuss the tenant’s new financial situation over the phone before estimating and agreeing a rent payment according to the revised circumstances of the tenant. If a tenant under declares their income during this estimate process, this will create an arrears situation, which will need to be promptly addressed by the tenant once Housing have completed the Rent Assessment.

The current rent charge continues to accrue until the Rent Assessment is done by Housing and any revised rent charge will then be back-dated to reflect the changes in circumstances, as Finance are only agreeing a temporary change to rent payment.


Tenants can estimate the change to their rent on-line, however, they need to make contact with the Finance Rents Department before changing their payment. - the schedule of rents can be downloaded at . The primary income should be identified on the schedule of rents and the corresponding rent is the base rent. €10 should be added for every additional earner in the family and €1.50 deducted for each child under 18.

Tenants will need to provide proof of reduced financial circumstances, eg - a letter from an employer/proof of social welfare before payment reduces.

Loan Accounts

Borrowers are advised to contact the loans team by email at  or by phoning 045 980 652 to discuss revised temporary repayments. We advise borrowers to continue to pay as much as they can afford.

Revised repayment arrangements will only be agreed by submitting proof of reduced financial circumstances, for example, a letter from an employer/proof of payment from Department of Social Protection.

Local Authority Home Loan Mortgage Payment Break - COVID 19

To apply for a Mortgage Payment Break of up to three months on your local authority home loan under the COVID-19 emergency measures, you must have experienced a reduction in your income arising from the COVID-19 emergency and you are unable to make repayments on your home loan. 

For Application form and FAQ's see