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How are Commercial Rates Calculated?

There are two factors involved – the Net Asssessable Valuation (NAV) and the Annual Rate on Valuation (ARV).


Net Assessable Valuation (NAV)

The Net Assessable Valuation of a property is determined by the Commissioner of Valuation.  The valuation of your property is assessed by reference to the values of comparable properties on the valuation list.


Annual Rate on Valuation (ARV)

The second factor included in the calculation of commercial rates is the Annual Rate on Valuation (or multiplier).  This is determined by the Council at its Annual Budget Meeting.

The annual rate on valuation in Kildare for 2018 is 0.2246.

The rates liability for a property is calculated by multiplying the Net Assessable Valuation by the Annual Rate on Valuation.


NAV                              Annual Rate on Val                Rate Demand
€5,000                 x                   0.2246              =            €1,123