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Fire Service and the Planning Permission Process

The Planning Section regularly refer Planning Applications to the Fire Service for our comment.

As planning normally precedes any Fire Safety Certificate application it is often the first time the Fire Service will see details of proposed building works.

It gives the Fire Service the opportunity to let the planning applicant know of any problems it sees with the proposed works. The earlier problems are highlighted, the easier it is to address them. It also allows for any subsequent Fire Safety Certificate application to be processed more smoothly.

Planning applications referred to the Fire Service, are primarily assessed in relation to the following:

  • Building internal layout, means of escape etc.
  • Proximity of the building to neighbouring buildings / property 
  • Fire Service access to the site / building
  • Water supplies available for firefighting

If the Fire Service has concerns in relation to a planning application it will issue it’s report to planning and will normally attach a schedule of recommendations outlining items which would need to be highlighted in any further information requests.

The Planning Section does not refer private dwellings to the Fire Service for comment. The Fire Service does however make recommendations in relation to new housing estate applications.