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Public Consultation Document - This document explains what a Heritage Plan is, how it is prepared and how to make a submission

Public Consulation Document

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Heritage Plan Submission Form - You can make your submission to the Heritage Plan by filling up this form.

Heritage Plan - Submission Form

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County Kildare Heritage Forum - This document lists the membership of the new County Kildare Heritage Forum

County Kildare Heritage Forum

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Heritage Plan 2005-2011 -  This is the existing Heritage Plan

Heritage Plan 2005-2011

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A review of the County Kildare Heritage Plan was carried out in 2011.  Click on the link below to vew a copy of the findings.

Review of the Heritage Plan 2005-2009

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Click on the link below to view a sample of some of the projects carried out under the Heritage Plan 2005-2009.

For a full list of projects go to - Implementation of Heritage Plan

Projects carried out under Heritage Plan - 2005-2009

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National Heritage Plan

The Department of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands published the National Heritage Plan in April 2002. It is an objective of the Plan to ensure the protection of our heritage and to promote its enjoyment by all, by setting out a clear and coherent strategy for the protection and enhancement of our heritage over the next five years. A key concept of this plan is to "place the protection and enjoyment of heritage at the heart of public life". This concept promotes the idea of increased community ownership of the protection of heritage. This ownership is seen as an integral element in achieving sustainable development and a quality of life for all.

The plan emphasises the significant economic benefits that can accrue by correct management of heritage especially through tourism, while recognising the importance of and value of heritage in its own right.

One of the main aims of the National Heritage Plan is to enhance the role of the Local Authorities in heritage protection and management through the preparation and implementation of Local Heritage Plans and the provision of heritage expertise to support such Plans at local level.

National Heritage Plan

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