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Motor Tax On-Line

Did you know you can renew your motor tax 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the internet?

To complete your motor tax renewal on-line you will need:

  •  Credit card or Debit card
  •  Your motor insurance details
  •  Your PIN number - Is the last 6 digits on the front of your Vehicle Registration certificate, Located top right hand corner e.g C123456789,   this is also printed on the renewal form sent to you by post, or you can contact the number below to obtain a PIN no.
    Logon to
    Queries telephone: 0818 411 412

Renewing Online

Renewing your motor tax online is straightforward.  The process is broken down into a series of easy to understand steps.  After you login at the foot of the homepage using the PIN printed on your renewal/reminder form, you will be asked to:

  • Confirm details of your vehicle - they will be displayed on the screen for you.
  • Confirm your name and address - again, these will be shown on screen but you may notify us of a change of address.
  • Enter your vehicle insurance details.
  • Select the period of taxation.
  • Enter your card details for payment.
Your motor tax disc will be posted to you within five working days.  You can track the issue of your disc by clicking on the "Track Disc Issue" link on the homepage.

What you will need

Remember to have the following items before starting your renewal:

  • Your renewal/reminder form, containing your PIN and vehicle registration number, to log into the service.
  • Your vehicle insurance details (name of insurer, policy number and expiry date).
  • Your Laser or Credit card.