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The Green Flag Liffey Linear Park in Newbridge spans an area of just under 10 acres and is a wonderful oasis of calm along the banks of the river as it makes its way through the town.

This town centre park is owned by Kildare County Council and maintained, with their assistance, by Newbridge Tidy Towns Association.

The Park includes 7 acres of grassland, picnic benches and an adult outdoor exercise area. There’s also a protected wild bird nesting area an insect hotel and a number of both bat and bird boxes dotted through the park making it a good place to spot some of the wildlife living along the river banks. It’s a popular spot for walkers and families alike, as well as those taking a quiet stroll on their lunchbreak.


History of the Park

Originally the area of the Liffey Linear Park known as The Strand was a flood plain for the river prior to the development of the electricity power station in Ballymore Eustace which now controls the water level in the river. It was a popular spot for local people to swim and fish in the River Liffey for many, many years.


In the early 1970’s the Newbridge Town Commissioners prepared an initial development plan to develop a town park as a local amenity. With their support Newbridge Tidy Towns Association began a programme of work to preserve, manage and maintain the Linear Park, which had fallen into dereliction.


The work was undertaken on a voluntary basis and included cleaning the parkland which was at that time totally overgrown and neglected.

Then followed the development of a path network through the site, the refurbishment of the Watering Gates, creation of the bandstand / viewing area and extensive tree planting throughout the site particularly The Strand area which commenced as a Millennium project.

In recent years Newbridge Tidy Towns has been very fortunate in having the services of park attendants employed under the Ballymany Community Employment Scheme (FÁS) and, up to recently, personnel from Kildare County Council’s Gateway Scheme.

Notwithstanding these schemes Newbridge Tidy Towns continue to carry out a considerable amount of voluntary work in the Linear Park.


In the last 10 years paths have been widened and resurfaced, a wildflower area has been created in the “Strand”, an outdoor gym has been installed, the picnic areas made accessible, and the bridge has been repainted.


When the Town Council was abolished in 2014 ownership of the Park passed to Kildare County Council. Newbridge Tidy Towns Association now manages the maintenance of the area stretching from the Gables Guest House and Leisure Centre to the woodland at Newbridge College, including upkeep of the Linear Park, clearing litter, grassland maintenance, tree & shrub planting, flower planting, maintaining park furniture, among other tasks, with the valuable support of Community Employment workers and Kildare County Councils Parks Department


Opening Hours

The Linear Park is open all year round, from dawn to dusk.


Map of Liffey Linear Park

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Main Entrance of Liffey Linear Park

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Sculpture at Entrance

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The Watering Gates

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Yarn Bombing

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Outdoor Gym Equipment

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Wildflower Meadown in Summer

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The Strand before Development

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The Strand before Development 2

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The Watering Gates Before Development

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The Strand After Development

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The Strand After Development 2

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The Strand After Development 3

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The Strand After Development 4

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The Strand After Development

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The Strand After Development 6

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The Watering Gates After Development

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