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The following is a list of private housing developments taken in charge by Kildare County Council. Please note that this list does not include some of the older housing developments which were taken in charge before 1984.
For queries in relation to the taking in charge status of any older estates not on this list or to request written confirmation of the taking in charge status of any housing development, please contact our Transportation Department directly at or by telephone at 045-980421.
For any other queries please contact or Building and Development Control Department at 045-980842.

List of Private Housing Estates taken in charge since 1984

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Taking in Charge Request Template December 2014

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Click on the link below for maps of the developments and/or housing which qualify for an exemption from the Local Property Tax:

DOECLG Press Release 21st March 2013

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Statutory Instrument listing estates for exemptions

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Frequently Asked Questions (DOECLG)

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Review of Finished & Unfinished Housing Estates May 2012

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Guide for Residents living in Unfinished Housing Developments

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Unfinished Housing Developments Guidance Manual

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Development Control Department Activities

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Taking in Charge Policy Statement

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Report on Private Residential Developments (2006-2008)

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