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Challenges and Threats

  • Poor permeability and high levels of traffic congestion within the town centre
  • Poor parking facilities within the town centre
  • Heavy traffic congestion on the M7
  • Large amount of out commuting from the town
  • No third level educational establishment within the town centre
  • Urgent need for more education spaces at both primary and secondary level
  • Large number of vacant, derelict and unfinished buildings within the town centre
  • Town centre unable to compete with other locations in Kildare
  • No direct train station for the town
  • Development within the town is unbalanced with the northern area having seen recent housing growth and the southern area sparse
  • The town centre has been impacted by retail developments to the north at Monread and the Globe and in the south of the town centre at Newhall
  • Lack of sports pitches
  • Heritage assets need investment
  • The town centre needs a Public Realm Strategy and investment without eroding the heritage assets in the town