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Bog Fire - Donadea

Kildare Fire Service is dealing with a significant bog and forest fire in the North West of the county in an area adjacent to Hortlands, Donadea.  Firefighting has been ongoing over the last number of days and with the predicted weather conditions we will be on site over the coming week. 

Bog fires are extremely difficult to extinguish, and the current weather conditions are not favourable.

Kildare Fire Service are receiving significant support from local farmers who are providing their expertise and machinery to support our firefighting efforts.  Coilte has also organised helicopter support to provide water drops onto the forestry areas.  This work will be ongoing across today.

The fire is near to the IIE site and we are monitoring the site on an ongoing basis in conjunction with the operator.  There is no immediate risk to the site from the fire and we will continue to be vigilant in this regard.

Some concerns have been raised locally about the fire Service not being on the bog at night.  Bogs are dangerous places especially in fire conditions.  For their safety our firefighters do not actively firefight on bogs during darkness.  If residents are concerned about their properties during darkness, they should call 999 or 112 and we will respond to protect life and property.

The general health advice is to stay out of the smoke if possible.  Smoke is an irritant and can make your eyes and throat sore. Provided there is no risk from the fire itself, staying indoors with doors and windows closed can give a good level of protection.

Some people may be sensitive to the effects of smoke. Those with existing heart or lung disease (including asthma), young children and the elderly may experience symptoms.  If you are experiencing symptoms, reduce your level of activity, take your medications as appropriate and seek medical advice.

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