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M7 Works between Junction 8 (Johnstown) and Junction 11(M7/ M9 merge)

Kildare County Council requests motorists to comply with the statutory speed limits in place along the route of the M7 work zone and supports Kildare Garda Division #arrivealive.  The public are advised that in an effort to ensure safety and assist in enforcement of the 60km/h speed limit, Go Safe Vans will be deployed within the works area between Junction 8 (Johnstown) and Junction 11(M7/M9 Merge).  

We thank you for your cooperation in considering the safety of the Workers and Motorist driving through this work zone.



M7 Naas to Newbridge Upgrade, M7 Osberstown Interchange and Sallins Bypass

This Project is a national scheme supported and funded under Project Ireland 2040, National Development Plan 2018 – 2027 and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTTaS), Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) and Kildare County Council.

The Project objective is to improve traffic movements along the M7 (Dublin) corridor which connects to the M9 (Waterford) and M8 (Cork) as well as improving local connectivity for Naas, Sallins and the Midlands area for the 70,000 vehicles, on average, that use this route each day.  Thus, accommodating 70,000 driving public and all site staff safely, within this live motorway construction work zone, is of utmost priority and paramount importance including Health and Safety.


There are three significant construction projects combined into one major scheme with the overall investment in the order of €120 million: -

  1. M7 Naas to Newbridge Upgrade
  2. M7 Osberstown Interchange
  3. Sallins Bypass



Key Facts...

  • Widening 13.5km of Motorway from 2 lanes to 3 lanes in both directions
  • Upgrading Junction 10 - Newhall Interchange
  • Concrete Barrier - 26 km
  • Fencing – 12,000 metres
  • Drainage – 40,000 metres
  • Ducting – 65,000 metres
  • Over 1,000,000 truck movements during the course of the works


UPDATE ON WORKS: - Works on the first phase between Junctions 8 (Johnstown) and Junction 10 (Naas South) are on track to finish by Spring 2019 with the majority of the piped drainage in this phase installed.   Currently, 11 Gantries with concrete foundations are under construction including capping/ pavement sub-formation operations and the installation of concrete drainage channels.

The contractor began works on phase 2 including putting in place the extension of the traffic management between Junctions 10 (Naas South) and Junction 11 (M7/M9 merge).  At present, phase 2 will advance the contractual commitment for completion of mainline works by spring 2019.



Key Facts…Construction of new grade separated interchange at Osberstown (new Junction 9A) will provide access from the M7 to the Sallins Bypass and Naas Ring Road with the existing Osberstown over-bridge being demolished as part of the works.

UPDATE ON WORKS: - Construction of the northwest, southwest and southeast embankments are progressing well with the northeast embankment close to completion. Construction of the central pier is at an advanced stage.



Key Facts…

  • 2.0km of new dual carriageway and 3.6km of new single carriageway
  • 6 New bridges including:
  1. two crossings over the River Liffey
  2. one crossing over the Grand Canal
  3. one crossing under the Cork Dublin railway line

UPDATE ON WORKS: - The construction of a new bridge under the Dublin - Cork/Limerick railway line was installed over the 2018 Easter bank holiday weekend and work continues on the required drainage and earthworks.  The works on structured piling is progressing on other structures and a temporary crossing (Bailey bridge) is installed on first crossing over River Liffey.


Key Dates: - The Osberstown Interchange and Sallins Bypass schedule for completion by end of 2019.


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