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Orange cone Safety Zone

 ‘Orange cone safety zone’
Road workers have a right to work in a safe environment as everyone else


Every year, the lives of hundreds of road workers are put at risk and in some cases; it may lead to death and serious injury. This has spurred Local Authority Road Safety Officers around Ireland to raise awareness to the public about the dangers at roadwork sites.

The ‘Orange cone safety zone’ campaign is focusing on the lack of awareness by some drivers that road works are a place of work and that workers have a right to expect a safe working environment.

Road work sites aren’t just on Motorways; they also take place on local, regional or national roads too. Appropriate and safe traffic management systems are implemented at roadwork sites. Some sites operate a ‘Stop & Go’ traffic signal system while others may have a ‘Pointsman’ system and in most cases, the speed limits passing through roadwork sites are reduced greatly. This is for the safety of the workers and the safety of road users alike. Drivers are required, by law, to adhere to traffic signals at all roadwork sites.

Kildare County Council’s Road Safety Officer Declan Keogh said "For some reason a small minority of drivers still find it acceptable to put road workers lives in danger by not taking care when they pass through roadworks. This can be as a result of drivers not reducing their speed or by a driver failing to stop when required to do or simply ignoring the direction of a ‘pointsman’ on traffic management duty. This campaign is to remind road users that road works are like any other work place, and workers have just as much right to work in a safe environment as everyone else”.

Drivers approaching or passing through a work zone are advised to do so with care, obey the road signs and traffic signals and to reduce your speed to the specific speed restriction.

Advice to Drivers:

If you drive a vehicle, at some point you'll drive through roadworks. Follow these safety tips:

-          Adhere the speed limit on display.

-          Follow the temporary road signage in place.

-          Obey traffic signals at road work sites

-          Stay alert for the roadworkers and machinery.

-          Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.



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