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Notice to All Motor Vehicle Users

Do you use tyres? 

Do you know they can be recycled?

Notice to All Motor Vehicle Users 

Disposal of Waste Tyres

 An estimated 35,000 tonnes of waste tyres are generated in Ireland each year. Waste tyres can cause environmental pollution if disposed of incorrectly or irresponsibly and the clean-up of illegally dumped tyres cost the Irish Taxpayer money. Recycled rubber is a very useful material and is used for playgrounds, sports pitches, golf courses etc.

When you are getting the tyres on your motor vehicle replaced please do your part in ensuring that your waste tyres are disposed of correctly by checking that the person you are leaving your old waste tyres with for disposal is registered with Kildare County Council or Tyre Waste Management Ltd (TWM Ltd) or Tyre Recovery And Compliance Scheme (TRACS) under the Waste Management (Tyre & Waste Tyre) Regulations 2007.

Tyre retailers that are registered in compliance with the Waste Management (Tyre & Waste Tyre) Regulations 2007 will have a sign in their premises which states this.

Further information is on the Kildare County Council website or alternatively phone the Environment section on 045 980401.

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