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Private Water Supplies



What is an unregulated private water supply?

An unregulated private water supply is any supply that is not regulated by a Water Authority, in this case, Kildare County Council. The definition is set out in the Drinking Water (no 2) Regulations 2007. It is any private supply that provides less than 10 cubic meters per day of water or serves less than 50 people (15 houses) and does not serve a public or commercial activity. Examples of public or commercial activities include schools, restaurants or hotels.

Legal Background

County councils as Water Authorities are required by the EC (Drinking Water) (no2) Regulations 2007 to provide owners and users of unregulated private water supplies with information about the risks of contamination and with advice about what they can do to protect and keep their supplies safe.

Keep your water supply safe

If you have a private supply, you and any shared users are responsible for its protection. Check the source area and system regularly.

Where can you get further advice?

An information leaflet is available on Kildare County Council’s website

If you have any questions or want further advice about your unregulated private water supply contact the Water Authority, Kildare County Council, Water Services Section, Newbridge on 045 431364.

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