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Part 8, Traffic calming measures at Maynooth Road, Celbridge

Kildare County Council

Roads & Transportation Department









2001-2012 (PART 8) 




Traffic Management Improvements,

Maynooth Road, Celbridge


Michael O’Leary.

Director of Services for Transportation,

Kildare County Council,

Áras Chill Dara,

Devoy Park,


Co. Kildare.



This report has been prepared in accordance with Part 8 of S.I. No. 600 of 2001 Planning and Development Regulations 2001 as amended by the planning and development regulations 2006 that enacts part XI of the Planning and Development Act 2000.


The scheme proposes to implement improvements to the traffic management features in place on theR405 Maynooth Roadin Celbridge, including improved traffic calming features, cycle facilities and traffic signals at theAghards Roadjunction.


Purpose of Scheme:


The purpose of the scheme is to improve safety for all road users along theMaynooth Roadin Celbridge through the introduction of speed reduction measures, improved cycle facilities, improved bus stops and the provision of traffic signals at a busy junction.


The scheme will be in compliance with of the requirements of the Kildare County Development Plan 2011 – 2017:


6.4.1 General Transportation Policy


TP 2: To support sustainable modes of transport and to integrate land use planning and zoning with the provision and development of high quality transportation systems.


6.5.2 Sustainable Travel


It is an objective of the Council:


ST 2: To encourage and facilitate safe walking and cycling routes as a valuable form of transport, as a healthy recreational activity and an alternative to the car.



ST 8: To support and encourage the continued development of walking routes throughout the county and to co-operate with relevant organisations and bodies, including walking groups and local communities in the achievement of this objective.



The scheme will create a safer environment for all travel modes along theMaynooth Roadin Celbridge, which in turn will improve the attractiveness of sustainable travel modes such as walking and cycling. 


Design and General Factors:

The scheme has been designed to ensure compliance with the guidance contained in the National Cycle Manual.

In accordance withS. I.476, 2011, Section 250, Planning and Development

(Amendment) (No.3) Regulations 2011 Kildare County Council has determined that an Appropriate Assessment is not required.

Description of the Proposal:

The scheme consists of the following:

  • The provision of traffic signals at theAghards Roadjunction.
  • The redesign of the existing transitions between off-road and on-road cycle facilities to improve safety.
  • The relocation of 1 bus stop to a more appropriate location.
  • The redesign of all bus stops in accordance with the National Cycle Manual to reduce the risk of conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists at these locations.
  • The provision of bus-friendly traffic calming ramps and tables to control vehicular speeds along the route.



Submissions or observations with respect to the proposed development, dealing with the proper planning and development of the area in which the proposed development would be situated may be made in writing to:


Senior Executive Officer,

Roads Administration,

Kildare County Council,

ArasChill Dara,





on or before 12.00 noon on Friday the 26th of October 2012



Submissions should be headed:


“Traffic Management Improvements, Maynooth Road, Celbridge”


All comments, including names and addresses of those making comments, submitted to the Council in regard to this scheme will form part of the statutorily required report to be presented to the monthly meeting of Kildare County Council. Accordingly they will also be included in the minutes of that meeting and may appear in the public domain.



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