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Registration of DOMESTIC waste water treatment systems - (including septic tanks)

Press Release

Registration of DOMESTIC waste water treatment systems (including septic tanks)

ONLY five days remain to avail of the reduced fee of €5 before September 28TH

By protecting our water, we protect our environment, our health and our jobs

Owners of septic tanks and other domestic waste water treatment systems are reminded that only 5 days remain to avail of the reduced registration fee of €5. Kildare County Manager, Mr Michael Malone, says “I want to take the opportunity to remind people they can only avail of the reduced registration fee of €5 until the 28 September 2012, after that date it will cost €50. I would also like to thank all of those people who have paid so far.”

The registration fee is only €5 until 28 September 2012 which will then increase to €50 from those who register after 28th September. Owners need to renew their registration every five years, at no cost.

How to register?

You can register and pay on-line as follows:

Online at

In person at Kildare County Council, Áras Chill Dara, where payment can be made by cash, cheque, money order or debit / credit card;

By post - application forms are available from Kildare County Council, in public libraries and Citizens Information Centres and sent by post, with the registration fee, to Protect our Water, PO Box 12204,Dublin7. Please do not send cash by post.

You can contact Kildare County Council, Environment Department at

Tel.: 045-980588 or by e-mail at


The water services (amendment) act 2012 introduces a new registration and inspection system for septic tanks and other domestic waste water treatment systems inIreland.

Registration will be valid for five years and there will be no charge for re-registration. It is intended that the revenue raised will be used by the water services authorities to manage the registers and to meet the cost of having inspections carried out. There will be no inspection charges for households. All owners of premises connected to a domestic wastewater treatment system are required to register their systems by 1 February 2013.

How to tell if there is a problem with your system?

Some of the signs that your system may not be operating correctly are:

There are foul odours around the system or the percolation area;There is an excessive amount of vegetation growing in the percolation area;The area around the system or percolation area is soggy;Your drains or toilets are running slowly or overflowing.


Having a register of domestic water treatment systems and septic tanks enables inspections to check that systems are working properly so that water – ground, surface and drinking water - can be protected from the risks posed by malfunctioning systems. This initiative will ultimately enhance and protect public health and the environment which will, in turn, benefit rural dwellers in terms of a better quality of life and improved water quality.

Inspections will be carried out in accordance with a national inspection plan which is currently being prepared by the EPA. In determining the criteria to be taken into account to decide what systems should be inspected a range of risk factors will be considered, including proximity to rivers, lakes and streams (particularly drinking water sources). It is also expected that consideration will be given to whether a system has been registered or not (systems that are not registered would be more likely to be inspected than those that are registered).

Important message regarding inspections:

Inspections under the new system will commence in 2013. The commencement of inspections will be publicised in the national and local media. People should take care not to allow uninvited persons, or persons claiming to be inspectors, to enter onto their property in advance of the launch of inspections. People will be formally notified by their local authority if their domestic waste water treatment system is to be inspected. Inspectors will be required to carry identification and you should ask for this to be presented to you.

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