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Speed Limits - Maidenhill Roundabout and Baun Bridges Kilkenny

Leinster Bridges Rehabilitation

Contract No. 1-2012

N76 Maidenhill Roundabout Bridge, Kilkenny City 

N77 Baun Bridge, Kilkenny City

The County of Kildare

Road Works Speed Limit Order NRO 3/ 2013


Kildare County Council, in exercise of the powers conferred by Section 10 of the Road Traffic Act 2004 andpursuant to agreement made with Kilkenny County Council under Section 85 of the Local Government Act 2001, hereby makes the following Order in respect of the area comprising the administrative County of Kilkenny;

1)  This order may be cited as theRoad Works Speed Limit Order  NRO 3 /2013

2)  60 Kilometres per hour shall be the Road Works Speed Limit for mechanically propelled vehicles on the Roads specified in the First Schedule to this order.

First Schedule

Roads in respect of which a Road Works Speed Limit Order of 60 Kilometres per hour is prescribed;


1.     N76 Maidenhill Roundabout Bridge, Kilkenny City     

N76 from a point 700m north west of Maidenhill Roundabout Bridge to a point 75m south east of Maidenhill Roundabout

R697 immediately north and immediately south of the N76 Maidenhill Roundabout

2.     N77 Baun Bridge, Kilkenny City

N77 from a point 800m north of Baun Bridge to a point 500m east of Baun Bridge

R712 immediately south of the Roundabout at the intersection of the N77 and R712

The consent of both the Garda Síochána and the National Roads Authority have been received to these temporary speed limits.

                   This Road Works Speed Limit Order will apply from

           Monday 12 August 2013 to Friday 13 September 2013 inclusive

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