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Christmas Road Safety Advert - Types of Road Users

What type of road user are you?


Pedestrians are vulnerable road users because they are exposed to more dangers and hazards than other road users.

You can become a safer road user by:

Always wearing reflective vests, armbands or a Sam Brown belt

Always wearing light coloured clothing

Always walking on the side of on-coming traffic

Only crossing a road at a safe area when the road is clear

Never crossing at the brow of a hill or between parked vehicles.


A bicycle is a vehicle and all cyclists must obey the rules of the road; the same as other vehicle drivers.

You can become a safer road user by:

Using cycle lanes where possible

Never cycling on the inside of large vehicles

Stopping at Stop signs and obey traffic signals

Ensuring your lights and reflectors are clean, clear and working

Wearing a cycle helmet

Giving advanced notice to drivers by using hand signals


Drivers share the road with pedestrians and cyclists.

You can become a safer road user by:

Ensuring your vehicle is roadworthy

Ensuring you and all your passengers are wearing a seatbelt, front and rear

Driving within the speed limit, observe speed limit areas as you enter them, adjusting your speed accordingly

Never driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs

Never using a mobile phone while driving

If you intend driving the ‘morning after the night before’, leave adequate time the next morning to ensure that you are no longer under the influence of alcohol

Watching out for other road users.

Getting Home Safely - If you are socialising and will be drinking alcohol, please ensure you get home safely by taking a lift from a designated driver, a taxi or a bus. Never Ever Drink and Drive.

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