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Seasonal Reminder to Landowners


As a landowner it is your responsibility to maintain drains on your land. This is of utmost importance considering recent episodes of very heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that:-

(a) Water is not prevented, or obstructed, from draining onto your land from the public road. Consequently the drainage system should be adequately maintained.

(b) Water, soil, slurry or other material does not flow onto a public road from your land.

(c) Entrances to land are piped with adequately sized pipes or culverts and regularly maintained.

Written consent is required from the council before a landowner deepens or widens an existing drain, or digs a new drain, within 15 metres of the nearest edge of the public road. Otherwise, consent is not required for the normal maintenance of the drain.

The council wishes to acknowledge and thank landowners for their co-operation in complying with their responsibilities down through the years. If you have any questions or require advice or information on any of these matters, please contact your local area engineer's office or the council's Roads, Transport and Public Safety Department directly on 045 980421.

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