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Public Consultation on the Draft Preferred Flood Risk Management option for the River Morrell Catchment

Public Consultation on Draft Preferred Flood Risk Management Option for the River Morrell catchment

All are invited to view and comment on the draft Preferred Flood Risk Management Option which has been developed for the River Morrell catchment in County Kildare. A link to a map illustrating the option can be found below. The map will be available to view and to comment on until 28th November 2014.

The map depicts a 1% AEP flood event (i.e. a 100-year flood) which is a very extreme flood event. Most flood events experienced in the catchment are far less severe. The areas depicted by hatched blue lines are those areas that flood currently in a 100-year flood but would be protected from flooding by the preferred option. The areas depicted in solid blue are those areas that flood currently in a 100-year flood and will continue to flood after the preferred option is implemented.

The map was displayed at a Public Consultation Day held in Áras Chill Dara on Thursday 23 October 2014 from 3pm to 8pm. Thank you to all who attended the event and provided comments.

The development of an option to manage flood risk in the River Morrell catchment was prioritised and accelerated under the national Catchment-based Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) programme ( Flood extent mapping for the catchment was produced in 2013. During 2014, following the assessment of a number of flood risk management options, a preferred option for the River Morrell catchment has been identified. The preferred option will alleviate flood risk for more than 60 properties in the River Morrell catchment between the N7 (Castlewarden Junction) and Straffan, as well as alleviating flooding of the N7 national roadway itself. The project represents a significant investment of €12m to help safeguard local residents and their properties in the affected areas. It involves the construction of 6.4km of hard defences (embankments and flood walls) alongside the river channel at a number of locations to restrict the pathways of floodwaters. It also involves upgrading and improving existing channels/culverts under the N7 (Junction 6) and at other locations (incl. Dublin-Cork railway embankment). Natural flood management is utilised in some areas of the catchment.

The comments made at the Public Consultation Day, together with comments made during this website consultation, will be considered during the finalisation of the preferred Flood Risk Management Option. The closing date for comments is 28th November 2014.

Subject to securing all statutory approvals and landowner consents in advance of procurement of a works contractor, it is possible that construction of the Flood Risk Alleviation Scheme could commence as soon as the summer of 2015.

Comments can be sent to:


Post: Morrell FAS Study (c/o Katie Smart), RPS, West Pier Business Campus, Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Flood Event Probabilities

Flood event probabilities are referred to in terms of a percentage Annual Exceedance Probability, or ‘AEP’. This represents the probability of an event of this, or greater, severity occurring in any given year. These probabilities may also be expressed as odds (e.g., 100 to 1) of the event occurring in any given year. They are also commonly referred to in terms of a return period (e.g., the 100-year flood), although it should be understood that this does not mean the length of time that will elapse between two such events occurring, as, although unlikely, two or more very severe events may occur within a very short space of time.

The below table sets out a range of flood event probabilities expressed in terms of AEP, and identifies their parallels under other forms of expression.

Annual Exceedence Probability (%)

Odds of Occurrence in any Given Year

Return Period (yrs)


2 : 1



5 : 1



10 : 1



100 : 1



1000 : 1


Draft Preferred Flood Risk Management Map 


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