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Press Release - St. Patrick's Park, Rathangan, Co. Kildare

St. Patrick’s Park, Rathangan, Co. Kildare


Following receipt of a number of media queries, Kildare County Council wishes to clarify the proposals for St. Patrick’s Park, Rathangan.


In July 2011 approval in principle was received from the Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government (DoECLG) for remedial works to the St Patrick's Park estate in Rathangan.

This approval in principle was sanctioned based on a design analysis of the estate which demonstrated issues primarily due to the layout of the estate, the lack of passive surveillance over the public realm, and insecure back garden walls with unsupervised rear access.

The proposed new build design seeks to deliver an estate that is clean, safe and secure for all residents, with the layout re-designed to provide continuous passive surveillance of the public realm and a new open space to comply with current development standards.

Historically, St Patrick's Park has had issues with antisocial behaviour and the proposed works also seeks to address the poor image associated with the estate. To date a number of small works contracts have been completed in order to improve the living conditions for the residents in the estate.

A budget of €6,852,500 was approved in principle from the DoECLG for the project in 2011 of which €250,000 was approved for contribution toward the refurbishment of the community centre in the centre of Rathangan town.

A number of units have been acquired by Kildare County Council to facilitate the remediation of the estate.

In compliance with current design guidelines, the design of the St Patrick's Park estate aims to deliver a sustainable community through the creation of a high quality built environment - a walkable neighbourhood, that where possible, reduces the need for car reliance for travel.


In relation to specific queries raised, the Council would comment as follows:


Q 1.     Are private houses to be built as part of the redevelopment?

A1.      No


Q2.      What are the plans for the field beside St. Patrick's Park?  Is it owned by the council? Are there plans to build an extension on to St. Patrick's Park in that field?

A2.      The field immediately adjacent to St. Patrick’s Park is in the ownership of Kildare County Council.  There are no plans to build an extension to St. Patrick’s Park in the field.   The Council own another site in the vicinity of St. Patrick’s Park and immediately adjacent to The Meadows.  Approval in principle for a development at this location (Beechgrove) was sanctioned by the DoECLG earlier this year.


Q 3.     Is Kildare County Council going to build an access road into the adjacent field to allow private houses to be built or access to a neighbouring development

A3.      No.  The Council refused an application for planning permission for 250. no dwellings at Rathangan Demesne earlier this year.


It should be noted that the Council have engaged in an extensive consultation process with residents, and the eighth in a series of newsletters to residents of St. Patrick’s Park was issued in early summer.


Any proposal for construction works will go through the statutory planning process, through which all members of the public will have an opportunity to comment, before any decision with respect to progressing the scheme is made.

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