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A Park for Kerdiffstown - Decision to designate the future use of the landfill site as a multi-use public park and amenity.

Following  public consultation which concluded on 25 May, and having assessed the submissions, the Kerdiffstown Project Team briefed elected members of the Naas Municipal District Committee on Tuesday 15 November on the Council’s decision to designate the end use of the Kerdiffstown Landfill as a multi-use public park and amenity.

The opportunities for a beneficial use for the remediated site were identified at an early stage and options were put to public consultation in April and May of this year. 39 submissions were received all of which were in favour of the use of the remediated site as a public park or amenity. The decision to designate the future use of the site as a park is now to be included in all assessments being undertaken as part of the Environmental Impact Statement being compiled for the landfill cleanup project.

Park Design

The Project Team have reviewed the use of numerous former landfills in both Ireland and elsewhere that have been developed as public parks, and have taken all the design and engineering lessons learned to assist in the production of an outline design of the future Park at Kerdiffstown. 

The landfill remediation will require a very specific landform to ensure it performs its primary job of protecting the environment. Some areas of the site will be deliberately designed to slowly settle over decades and other areas will be designed to provide a stable platform, meaning that some areas of the site will be suitable for facilities such as playing pitches, whereas other areas will be more suited to rolling landscape and walkways. Taking onboard the engineering constraints that the site has, the project team has completed an outline design for a park that will allow overall project progress to continue.

The outline design of the park is for a mixed-use public amenity and sports facility that will include walkways/running routes, a children’s play area, two multi-use pitches, changing facilities, toilets and parking.  The outline park design also includes water features and planting that will develop as habitats. These will provide wildlife viewing opportunities, and a pleasant setting for running or walking. The park design will also make the most of the site’s height to provide views over the surrounding planes of Kildare.

 The outline design will be used as a part of the applications to An Bórd Pleanalá and the EPA to demonstrate the engineering and environmental impacts of the remediation project, as well as the future use of the remediated site as a park. The actual detailed design for the park will be completed over the next few years as the remediation of the landfill is progressing. This will involve ongoing consultation with the public, as well as sporting and social organisations to ensure the park is optimised to accommodate the needs of the whole community. 

 Environmental Impact Assessment Process & Consultation

The Project Team is currently preparing applications for planning permission and an EPA licence to remediate the site. Upon successful granting of planning permission, and an EPA licence, the substantial task of remediating the site will commence and will take in the order of 5 years to complete. 

The Site & Nature of the Waste

The site contains over 3.5 million tonnes of waste, mostly made up of construction and demolition waste, but with areas of organic and domestic waste that give rise to ‘leachate’ (contaminated water) which could endanger watercourses, and odorous landfill gases, which have to be controlled.  Over 200 boreholes and trial pits have been undertaken and more than 5 years of detailed monitoring has not revealed any hazardous wastes at the site. There are environmental challenges with landfill gas and groundwater contamination that will be addressed by the remediation process, which will entomb the waste in an engineered cap, isolating it. This will leave a landform very suited to a rolling parkland landscape with a number of flat stable areas suitable for playing pitches, playground and parking. 

As with any landfill, even after completion of the remediation project, the EPA licence for the remediation will require continuous aftercare and environmental monitoring by Kildare County Council, meaning the upkeep and maintenance of the remediated site/park will always be a priority issue. The EPA licence for the landfill remediation will also have very stringent security requirements which will have the knock-on effect of a very secure park setting, with controlled access, significant fencing and other security arrangements. 

Project Progress

The Project Team is also progressing the design for the method to remediate the site, with plans now advanced for the measures by which the odours, which impacted the Naas area for many years, will be permanently contained and controlled. Key protection measures for the River Morell will also be installed. To date, temporary measures have stabilised the site, but the full remediation of the site is required to minimise any risk the site poses in the long term. To aid key design decisions over the coming months, additional boreholes are currently being drilled, with works at an advanced stage. These boreholes will provide information about the quality and nature of the ground to aid design engineers, will help control gas and odours and will provide information about the quality of the groundwater in the area.

Engineering works to partially demolish some dangerous buildings at the site commenced this week, with a work programme which will take nearly 5 months to complete. These works will allow access to key areas of the site which have been out-of-bounds on health & safety grounds. These derelict buildings have deteriorated to the point where they now have to be taken down to allow the preparations for the remediation to progress safely. The limited quantity of waste that is contained in some of these buildings, which would otherwise become exposed to the elements, will be placed and sealed in the lined waste cell at the site, which has been assessed as fit for use. The buildings will be completely demolished as part of the full remediation of the site, which will begin after the granting of planning permission and EPA licences. 

Potential for odours

While every effort is always made at the site to limit odour impact, it is possible that at certain times, during periods when boreholes are being drilled, or waste is being deposited in the lined cell (and depending on the weather) odours may be experienced, on a temporary basis. This deposition of waste from the buildings to  the lined cell will be on a very limited scale and will only occur at set times during the works.  If a member of the public does experience any odour from the landfill they are requested to contact the project team.

Community Liaison & Site Visits

Engagement with the wider community is likely to increase over the coming months to ensure full participation by all stakeholders in the drafting of applications to An Bord Pleanálá and the Environmental Protection AgencyPlanned community engagement events will be widely publicised ahead of time.

The Project Team welcomes interaction with the community and is happy to provide site tours by prior arrangement.  As with any construction site, the visits are subject to Health & Safety rules and no access to the site is permitted without prior booking. There are 8 places available to visit the site on the first Wednesday of every month at 2pm.  Places can be booked on the project website 

The Kerdiffstown Landfill remains under the supervision of the Kildare County Council, using powers available under Section 56 of the Waste Management Act. The site is managed on a day-to-day basis by a dedicated site manager, a team of security personnel and other staff to control leachate and landfill gas. Kildare County Council will continue to issue community updates as the project progresses.



Kerdiffstown Park Drawing

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