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How visible are you on the roads in darkness?

Kildare County Council releases photos of how little a person is visible by wearing what a person may believe will increase their visibility.

This bank holiday weekend sees the clocks change which means it will be getting darker much earlier in the evenings and it will also take longer to get brighter in the mornings. Kildare County Council uses this season of the year to focus on being visible on the road, and the importance of wearing high visibility jackets.

If you walk or cycle along roads and are not wearing light coloured, luminous or high visibility material, your chance of being visible to other road users is non-existent. Wearing a simple florescent belt increases you visibility, but is this enough? Not really, but when you wear a high visibility vest or jacket you are 300 times more visible on the roads, so for other road users to see you, always wear a high visibility vest.

Many people don’t realise that by not wearing any type of luminous or high visibility material while out walking or cycling, they are taking away the most important aspect of using the road, visibility, and by taking that away, they take away their chance of survival while using the roads.

Kildare County Council Road Safety Officer says visibility is the key to survival while on the road and every single thing must be done in order for you to see the driver and for a driver to see you. Declan Keogh said “During the very dark evening or mornings, many people don’t put too much thought into what they should wear in order for them to be visible. We would encourage all pedestrians and cyclists to wear as much high visibility material while using the roads. A simple armband or reflective belt may not always be enough’.

Kildare County Council have released a series of photos of different night light environments while wearing different visibility material and people are surprised at how little they are visible by wearing what they believe will increase their visibility.

Mr. Keogh said “By placing an armband on your arm you might feel it is enough, but just take a look at the size of that armband, how much of your body is visible, very little. Luminous belts are the same, they are better than an armband but still restricted in some ways. The best and fullest thing any person can wear is a high visibility vest or jacket which will help to increases your visibility 300 more times, and remember, always walk on the same side of the road in the direction facing on-coming traffic”.


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