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Press release - Transport Plan for Newbridge

Following discussions and negotiations between Kildare County Council and the National Transport Authority, the NTA has agreed to prepare a Transport Plan for Newbridge.

This Transport Plan will ultimately provide a template for how best to plan for the management of transport in other towns in the country. 

Officials from the NTA presented initial concepts to the members of the Kildare Newbridge Municipal District this week and will now commence preparation of options for presentation at public consultation sessions.  It is envisaged that these public consultation sessions will take place in May and June.

The Kildare Newbridge Municipal District members were quite supportive of the initial ideas and warmly welcomed the selection of Newbridge as a pilot town. They correctly advised the NTA to ensure that any works carried out should not negatively impact on the thriving retail and commercial sector in the town.

Once a final Transport Plan is prepared the individual projects contained within the Plan will be costed, leading to discussions on the sources of funding required.

The National Transport Authority is positively disposed to providing a substantial portion of the funding, which will have to be supported by funding from Kildare County Council.

The NTA and the Director of Services for Roads, Transportation and Public Safety in Kildare County Council, Niall Morrissey, look forward to working in close partnership with the councillors in the Kildare Newbridge Municipal District and the various communities in Newbridge, to ensure that this exciting project is a huge success. This is a tremendous opportunity for the Town that ultimately will lead to improved transport management in addition to a vibrant uplift of the public realm in Newbridge.

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