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Temp. Road Closure - Notice of Decision - L2006-2

Temporary Closing of Roads

Notice of Decision

Roads Act, 1993

Roads Regulations, 1994

Kildare County Council gives notice in accordance with Section 75 of the Roads Act, 1993 and the Roads Regulations, 1994 that it will close the following road during the period commencing Monday, 17 August 2020 to Wednesday, 30 September 2020 to facilitate remediation works on Halverstown Bridge.


Road to be Closed


(Junction with)


(Junction with)


Duration of Closure (at any one time)




Between Halverstown Crossroads and Floods Crossroads


R409 Carragh Road at Halverstown Crossroads

L2030 Rathangan Road at Floods Crossroads

3 weeks

Alternative Routes:      

Eastbound vehicles travelling on the R409 from Carragh and from L2006-1 Osberstown will be directed along the R409 to the Naas Ring Road (circa 1.3km). They will then be directed along the ring road to the L2030 Rathangan Road (circa 1.1km) and along the L2030 to Floods Cross at the L2006-2 junction with the L2030 (circa 1.8km).

Eastbound traffic on the L2030 from Rathangan will be directed along the L2030 from Floods Cross to the Naas Ring Road (circa 1.8km). They will then be directed along the ring road to the R409 Carragh Road (circa 1.1km) and along the R409 Carragh Road to Halverstown Cross at the L2006-2 Junction with the R409 (circa 1.3km).

Diversionary routes will be clearly signposted, as agreed with the Council and An Garda Síochána. Emergency access and restricted local access will be maintained.

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