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Issued on Thursday 30th July 2009

Kildare County Council Road Safety is undertaking a new initiative for this bank holiday weekends Road Safety campaign. The campaign is called ‘Freshen Up’ on your Driving behaviour is it’s aim is to encourage road users, particularly drivers to rethink their actions before they are carried out. Car fresheners will be freely available in many service stations across the county. These fresheners will have road safety slogans on them in an effort to remind drivers to freshen up on their driving skills and to think about the consequences that speeding, drink driving, the non-wearing of seatbelts and using a mobile phone while driving can have. Sadly, many drivers are still falling into old habits, some of which can prove potentially lethal.

Kildare's Road Safety Officer Declan Keogh has once again enlisted the assistance of service stations across the county for their support and co-operation. Counter staff at participating service stations will provide a complimentary car freshener to motorists who purchase fuel or refreshments or have their car washed at the service station. Posters are being placed in prominent locations around the store so that they are visible to the public.

According to Declan Keogh, the August bank holiday weekend is by far one of the busiest and unfortunately the deadliest weekends on the roads. Using the roads is one of the most dangerous thing we do everyday, and people do so in a fashion that comes as second nature to them.

"In the run up to the bank holiday weekend, road users are asked to consider their safety and that of others while using the roads. Time and time again, drink driving, speeding and the non-wearing of seatbelts result in many of the serious and fatal collisions that we see on the roads. Many injuries and collisions can be avoided if people would make themselves visible, belt up, slow down, drive sober and concentrate. Drivers should remain cautious and alert, and be mindful that, while they themselves may drive carefully and within the speed limits, around the corner may be a reckless and dangerous driver, and people need to be ready for this"

Have a safe Weekend!